New return to the ‘Sancho case’: a man denounces harassment by Arrieta

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The murder of Edwin Arrieta in Thailand at the beginning of August, allegedly at the hands of Daniel Sancho, is located on a road that keeps the tragedy mired. According to Policethe 29-year-old confessed that killed the surgeon in a fight and then dismembered him because, according to him, he was afraid of his alleged threats. Since then, his version has had multiple adversaries.

When two months have passed since one of the most media crimes In recent years, the Thai Police has completed the investigation report, which it has delivered to the Samui Prosecutor’s Office, which must now prepare its own report. In parallel, the case continues its course although now, a secondary road has been opened that, for many, could give flexibility to the initial rigidity of the case. The program of Sonsoles Onega, And now Sonsoles (Antena 3), introduced a new element into the equation. He magazine exclusively interviewed a man named Luis who claimed to have been Arrieta victim 18 years ago.

His testimony stirred up the case to the extent that it was consistent with what Daniel Sancho had declared to the Police Thailand when he was arrested: that Edwig harassed him, who had threatened his family and coerced him into disseminating a sexual video of him. Her last conclusion was revealing for Sancho’s defense. “I could have been Daniel Sancho” he warned.

Luis reported the surgeon, he reported, for harassment and physical attacks. According to the testimony collected by the Antena 3 program, the events date back to 2005, when Luis, as he pointed out, put a complaint against the Colombian surgeon, since according to what he stated he would have an obsession with him. She reported that she had beaten him right at the door of her house. “He showed interest in me from day one.”

“I met him in a bar. He came up to offer me a drink and I said no. I start to get scared when he exaggerates on calls. When he doesn’t understand what a no is, I really didn’t want to be his friend, nor did I want anything with him,” he confessed in the interview. He even stated that the surgeon would have called him 143 times in one day.

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