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EA and developer Full Circle show a teaser video of the new Skate game, which was announced more than a year ago. The makers say that development is still in an early phase and do not show any gameplay yet.

In a teaser video, various skaters and youtubers can be seen and Full Circle shows how the movements are recorded with motion capture. Developer Deran Chung says, “It’s early days, but we’re still working on it.”

With that wording, Chung emphasizes that the development is still at an early stage. This is not surprising, because although the existence of the new skate game was announced in June last year, is development studio Full Circle who makes the game, was only formally established at the beginning of this year.

EA had previously indicated that there will be no new information about the new Skate game at the EA Play event on July 22. The developer had promised to come up with ‘something’ information about the game. That has now been given in the form of the short teaser.

The first Skate game dates from 2007 and part 3 came out in 2010. After that there were no more Skate games. The games were more realistic than the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series counterparts. The original Skate series was created by EA Black Box, but that studio has been discontinued since 2013. The studio currently working on the new game consists of former employees of that studio, including ringleaders Chris ‘Cuz’ Parry and Deran Chung.

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