New Toyota Avanza Will Show Up, Estimated Cheapest Price IDR 211 Million The news that the new Toyota Avanza will slide is not a figment.

Although PT Toyota Astra Motor holds a meeting, there is some interesting information about the existence of its Low MPV.

There are 2 variants that will be launched, namely the 1,300 cc and 1,500 cc engines

For the 1300 engine there are 2 types, namely manual and automatic.

As for the 1500 engine, there are 7 types with the highest type being Q CVT TSS.

Information about the NJKB of the new Toyota Avanza can be found on the government’s website.

From the selling value, we can calculate how much the on-road price of the Toyota Avanza will be launching soon.

Motorized Vehicle Transfer Fee (BBNKB) for new vehicles for the Jakarta area is 12.5% ​​of the NJKB.

The second is for the first vehicle, PKB aka Motor Vehicle Tax, which is 2 percent of the DP PKB or the Basic Imposition of PKB.

DPP for cars is NJKB X weight with a value of 1.05.

Next is VAT which is 10 percent.

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“For PPnBM, it has been imposed or included in the NJKB. So when APM hands over the car to the dealer, the price includes the luxury tax,” said the source again.

In addition to tax items, there are other fees charged by dealers to consumers.

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Dealer fees include distribution. The range is around 10-12 percent. Here are the estimates for the 1,300 cc and 1,500 engine types

Untuk Toyota Avanza E MT 1.300

NJKB = IDR 157 million.

BBNKB = Rp. 157 million X 12.5 percent = Rp. 19.625 million.

PKB = 2 percent X Rp. 157 million X 1.05 = Rp. 3.297 million.

VAT = 10 percent X IDR 157 million = IDR 15.7 million.

Assuming a dealer fee of 10 percent,

10% X IDR 157 million which is IDR 15.7 million.

Then the estimated on the road price for this type is

IDR 157 million + IDR 19.625 million + IDR 15.7 million + IDR 3.297 million + IDR 15.7 million = IDR 211.3 million


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