"New World" kills Twitter players. Reedus


The "New World" team, the next Amazon MMORPG, has launched a personal selection of adventures on Twitter. Players are invited to vote on the famous social network to find out where to go and what to do. The adventure has already taken a bad turn: a character has died the death of the brave.

"New World" is a sandbox with an open world and complete freedom of action, in which events develop during the colonization of America in the 17th century. In history, the universe is full of supernatural creatures, sorcery and the spirit of the discoverer. The game is full of social features and connects to all types of Internet media, such as Twich and Twitter.

In the last and launched a kind of entertainment to wait for gambling adventurers. Players were asked to vote on how and where the main character would go, what they would do: run away, attack, seek help or make other decisions.

In your quest for prey, do you limit yourself to a safe beach, or risk starting a journey inland to face unknown dangers?

According to PC Gamer, the character's journey on Twitter began on January 3rd, and on January 11th he was interrupted by a zombie screech. The chain of events can be traced in numerous videos, exhibitionwhat brought the decisions of the players.

However, death has only postponed the fire-battered hero. The tweets are accompanied by short videos that give us a brief overview of the world. One can suppose that there is an invisibility system and that the enemies are attracted by noises or smells. The voting is not over yet, so you can take part – however, at the moment the adventure seems to be frozen.

In addition to the zombies, the Amazon Games studio showed a graceful deer, which is probably in the full version of the game on the PC. Based on the description, we have the Guardian of Nature.

Last month, developers demonstrated the construction of fortresses, vessels (in the list of professions declared are alchemy, blacksmith and kitchen) and the seizure of territories. It is known that the key element of the game will be the PvP (battles between players).

Currently, "New World" is being tested by alpha, so it's still unknown when it's time to wait for it to arrive on computers. In any case, the image shown seems juicy enough to burn impatiently to quickly touch the world of the New World. Well, in the pauses between expectations, you can kill the characters Amazon Games Twitter feed – Above all because in the process the creators show even more details, videos and screens.


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