Business New York Listed Energy Company To Mine Bitcoin

New York Listed Energy Company To Mine Bitcoin

One of the world’s largest energy companies, in a sustainable effort to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, will use natural gas to mine Bitcoin.

According to a post shared by Equinor for Arcane Research, the company has partnered with startup Crusoe Energy Solutions to significantly reduce its waste of natural gas.

Norwegian energy multinational Equinor, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, aims to reduce the burning of oil operations through bitcoin mining.

The strategic alliance with Cruseo is the result of a series of innovations focused on reducing emissions and, at the same time, profitable, which will also serve to increase the security of Bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin Equinor miners

According to Lionel Ribeiro, project leader, it is a natural partnership that offers a great solution for both parties:

“Cryptocurrency mining requires a lot of electricity to power computers, while valuable goods are wasted and carbon emissions are generated when we burn them. By connecting these back pain, we can meet both needs at no cost to market expenses. It is a disruptive, scalable solution and reduces the gap between the source of energy production and final energy consumption, while reducing our carbon footprint. “

According to Equinor’s US Country Manager Hans Jakob Hegge, the company should always seek to innovate in sustainable and efficient plans:

“Innovation remains a fundamental strategic pillar in achieving our ambition of a climate roadmap. We must be bold in our approach to employing new technologies to improve business efficiency. “

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