New York police find a kilo of fentanyl under the carpet of the daycare where a child died and three others were injured

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The New York Police A few days ago he arrested the owner of a daycare center in Bronx and his neighbor after a child died and three others were injured after using fentanyl. Now, more details about the case have become known: apparently, the agents found a kilo of fentanyl near the rugs that the children used to take a nap, according to media such as the ‘New York Times’.

“It was placed under the rug where the children slept,” said Joseph Kenny, the police department’s chief of detectives, in a press conference.

Days before the event, the daycare where the events occurred, Divine Child, located on Morris Avenue, had passed a routine inspection, a type of surprise visit in which a group of inspectors analyze that it complies with everything necessary to be able to dedicate itself to childcare. During the inspection, they noted that all medications and toxic substances were stored correctly and in places inaccessible to the little ones, so they did not pose a danger to children. But the inspections do not contemplate the search for fentanyl, as Ashwin Vasan, the city’s Health Commissioner, pointed out at the same press conference. “Maybe we should start doing it,” he said.

When the daycare caregiver noticed that some children were not responding to stimuli after taking a nap last Friday, an Emergency team rushed to the daycare and administered Narcan, the medication commonly used to counteract the symptoms. effects of fentanyl. Two of them, a two-year-old boy and an eight-month-old girl, quickly regained consciousness; another of them was transferred to a hospital, where he has already recovered; but Nicholas Dominici, about to turn two years old, died.

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