New Zealand, attack on two mosques: dozens dead. The police urge not to broadcast the video of the massacre broadcast live on Facebook

There would be dozens dead in two attacks – 27 according to New Zealand media. in two separate mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. To open fire in the first mosque of Al Noor, where there were 300 people, it would have been a commando of 4 people one of whom wore a military jacket and who gave himself the escape but who would then be blocked. Shortly after the second assault. The commando would have been formed by 3 men and a woman.

In addition to the armed massacre in the two mosques during Friday prayers, explosives attached to cars were found. New Zealand police commissioner Mike Bush said during a press conference. "This underlines the seriousness of the" attack, "he noted. The evacuated student climate demonstration was also taking place in the city center.

"Armed man in action" alerted the police, signaling that the killer had escaped before the officers arrived on the scene. "No one in the whole country must
to go to moschata for no reason ".

Spraratoria in the mosques of Christchurch, the desperation of the faithful and the arrival of the police

The New Zealand police "strongly urges" not to share the link of the disturbing video on the massacre in the two mosques in Christchurch, shot and posted by one of the two attackers. "We are working to have it removed," the police wrote on Twitter, to prevent the terrorist manifesto from being publicized. Many users have also urged social media to remove the images of the massacre that appears to have been broadcast live on Facebook.

The reaction of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinta Arden, was immediate. "An unprecedented act of violence," said Arden, speaking to the nation. "It is one of the darkest days in New Zealand," he continued, confirming that a suspect was taken into custody. It has not been biased on the number of victims but has admitted that "it is a significant event". After a few minutes the Police announced that 4 people had been stopped.

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