New Zealand wins the Spirit of Cricket award for the World Cup final response


New Zealand was awarded the Spirit of Cricket by Christopher Martin-Jenkins for his "sporting conduct" the day after the World Cup final at Lord & # 39; s.

Kane Williamson's team was defeated by the trophy after a super tied in the final by virtue of having scored fewer borders, and was praised by the jury for their "sportiness, humility and selflessness in defeat" following the wake of Jos Buttler on Martin Guptill.

The award, created in 2013 by the MCC and the BBC in memory of the big show, is awarded each year to the player or team that "best embodied the principles of hard but fair play".

Kumar Sangakkara, president of the MCC, said that New Zealand was "worthy winner" of the award.

"At the height of the battle they showed a level of sportiness that suited such a fantastic final, and indeed a tournament.

"It is a testimony of their team that even after a game that will live long in the memory for the cricket that was played, we are still talking about the Spirit of Cricket. Their actions deserve this recognition."

Williamson received the award during the Test draw in Hamilton this week.



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