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Newcastle defender Rose lashes out again: ‘As if we are laboratory rats’ | NOW

Danny Rose again made short work of Wednesday’s plan to resume the Premier League despite the corona crisis. The Newcastle United defender does not think that football should be played again next month.

“Many People are saying that we should start playing football again, as if we were guinea pigs or lab rats. We are going to experiment at this stage and see if progress is made or not,” said Rose, who is rented out by Tottenham Hotspur in the podcast Lockdown Tactics.

Rose also turned sharply against a restart of the Premier League last week. “The government says we have to get football back because it boosts morale in the country. But I don’t care about national morale at all. Lives are at stake,” he said in a video on Instagram at the time. .

The international of the English team sticks to that opinion. “I can already hear people at home saying, ‘They make a lot of money, so they have to get back to work quickly.’ I may be at risk because people want to be entertained. I honestly prefer not to be part of that.”

Rose receives much support from colleagues

Rose has already received much support from other Premier League players. For example, Manchester City star players Sergio Aguëro and Raheem Sterling are reluctant to play matches again and Watford captain Troy Deeney even refuses to train because of the fragile health of his son.

The Premier League, where most clubs still have nine matches to finish, aims with the so-called ‘Project Restart’ on June 12 as the date of the resumption. The competition organizer has already received permission from the government, but on condition that it is played without an audience.

England was shocked on Tuesday because six people tested positive for the corona virus at three different clubs in the Premier League. Nevertheless, the teams started cautiously with group training again on Tuesday. For the time being, however, this is only allowed in small groups.

Follow the latest developments around the virus in the sports world in us live blog.

The coronavirus in short



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