Newcastle dream team exceeds one billion euros … Messi and Ronaldo to attack

The global transfer market website specializing in the marketing value of football stars published the formation of future dreams for the Newcastle English club, which became close to being acquired by the Saudi Investment Fund, after agreement with Mike Ashley, the club’s owner, by obtaining 80% of the club’s shares Mrs. Amanda Staffeli holds 10%, while the rest goes to the Robin Brothers.

Recent English reports indicate that there are only three weeks away from announcing the news officially, and it is possible that a huge project for the club will be built, as happened in Manchester City and before Chelsea.

The global website revealed the formation of dreams whose value exceeds the one billion euro barrier that Newcastle could appear in the coming years, as the legendary duo Lionel Messi, Barcelona’s Spanish captain, and Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the Italian Juventus star, in addition to the young French star Kylian Mbappe, are present. Paris St Germain striker, and the formation was complete as follows ..



Jan Oblak

Defense line:

Virgil van Dyck, de Licht, Alexander Arnold, Robertson


Kevin de Bruyne, Njolo Kante, Haverz

Offensive line:

Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe


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