News: Argentine cinema: Filming, premieres and sales abroad

-The filming of After recess.
-They launch Manifest at Cine Ar Play and Canal Encuentro.
The dose it was acquired for launch in the United States.

-FILMING. Romantic comedy After recess He concluded his filming, which took place entirely in the city of Mar del Plata, in locations such as the Peralta Ramos forest, the Piazzolla room of the Auditorium theater, the MAR museum.

It is the third film by the director, screenwriter and film producer Mariano Laguyas (Bye, the timeshare); in this case starring Karina Levine, Claudio Lago, Alejandra Borges, and Santiago Caamaño in special participation.

The project of After recess He was the winner of the Regional Feature Films Call of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts.

The film has a clear Mar del Plata imprint: in addition to having been filmed entirely in locations in the city, the bulk of the actors and technical team are also from the city. After recess It is the second production from Mar del Plata to be shot in an industrial way with the support of INCAA (the first had been Timeshare, also from Laguyas).

The project has the support, in addition to INCAA, of the National University of Mar del Plata, the Foundation of the National University of Mar del Plata, the MAR Museum, the Cultural Complex Centro Provincial de las Artes Auditorium, and the Secretariat of Production of the Municipality of General Pueyrredón.

Synopsis: Elena and Ariel are fifty years old and have just separated after almost three years of dating, leaving unfinished the remodeling of a common house: “Recreation”. Elena retired as a Literature teacher and while preparing to write a novel, she feels that her life is at a crossroads. He is an architect and seeks to close a contract that will ensure his future. But an unfortunate accident, on the way to removing the belongings from “El recreo”, will cause the appearance of Manuel (38), a former student with idealized memories, and Rosaura (34), beautiful and disturbing. Then Elena and Ariel will have the chance to review their questions together and inspire a new look at their personal worlds, on the other, and finally, on their futures.

-PREMIERE. Is launched Manifest, third film by Alejandro Rath (Who killed Mariano Ferreyra? Y Alicia), starring Pompeyo Audivert and Iván Moschner, on Canal Encuentro and on Cine Ar Play for the whole country. On February 23, it will arrive on the streaming platform for free, and on Friday, February 26, at 10 p.m., it will be seen on Canal Encuentro within the Non-Fiction cycle. Encount has a repetition scheduled for next April 6, at the same time.

After being screened at Doc Lisboa 2019 and being screened on Portuguese television, the film proposes a playful and experimental approach to the meeting between the Russian revolutionary leader León Trotsky and the founder of the surrealist movement André Breton, and features performances by Iván Moschner and Pompeyo Audivert and the participation of the writer Gabriela Cabezón Cámara, the filmmaker César González, the poet María Negro and the pianist Adriana de los Santos.

Iván Moschner and Pompeyo Audivert, two actors, live together in a lonely house in an Argentine coastal town. They rehearse strange and complex texts. The representation of his characters crosses the threshold of space and time: Leon Trotsky, in his Mexican exile, asks André Breton to write the draft of a manifesto to organize artists. The encounter between the eagle and the lion (as it was called in a famous article), happened in Mexico in 1938, and involved a unique effort by two men to arrive at a statement on the relationship between art and revolution. Tormented by pressure from the revolutionary leader, Breton no longer distinguishes sleep from waking. From his unconscious come encounters with a pianist, a filmmaker, a poet and a writer who vanish into the magma of the surreal.

-EXTERNAL SALE. The dose, a Martín Kraut film with Carlos Portaluppi, Ignacio Rogers and Lorena Vega, was acquired by Samuel Goldwyn Films for its North American release. This is the same company that bought the rights to Another Roundby Thomas Vinterberg, among others. Oration Films will continue with the international sales of this film in the virtual edition of the European Film Market. The North American launch of this production by Pablo Chernov’s Alina Films is scheduled for next June. Its world premiere had been at the 2020 Rotterdam Festival.

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