News from 12:30 – Why does life insurance pay no more?


About 1.6% is the average rate paid to savers on European funds, which only covers inflation. Life insurance returns have steadily declined since the financial crisis. For what reasons? Simply because the life insurance performance settle on the interest rates applied by the European Central Bank.

For years, the rates are historically low and some products also have negative rates. Impossible in these conditions give more to the French inflation. One of a kind. For 25 years, we have never seen a rate of return on life insurance at the same level of inflation. He was always on

Because there is a great inertia in these investments, if inflation were to return in the next few years, we could even have a return below the cost of living. Are there still any safe and profitable investments?

Life insurance remains profitable. This is the paradox. Life insurance pays little, but it is the simplest, safest and most profitable investment right now. Livret A produces 0.75% and should be lower. ELP is 1%. Bank books produce 0.26% and the stock market is febrile. Other investments that earn more as FCPs do not guarantee capital and are more complex.

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