News from the NRL, Sydney Roosters nullifies the offer to Latrell Mitchell


The Sydney Roosters canceled the $ 800,000 contract offer at superstar center Latrell Mitchell at a high-profile meeting on Tuesday.

Danny Weidler, reporter for nine rugby league veterans, revealed that coach Trent Robinson met Mitchell on Tuesday and withdrew the club's offer for the 2021 season after weeks of stall negotiations.

"Latrell Mitchell had a meeting today with Rooster Trent Robinson's coach," Weidler told Nine News exclusively.

"At the meeting, Trent Robinson told Latrell Mitchell that the offer of the Gauls for 2021 was withdrawn. The $ 800,000 offer was withdrawn.

"It's a strong position on the part of the Gauls. Latrell Mitchell will now probably have to look towards the Bulldogs.

"He is not out of contract for another season, so the Gauls can play another game for him on the track. But right now the offer is off the table."

The Gauls confirmed the move in a statement released Tuesday afternoon.

"Today the Sydney Roosters have informed Latrell Mitchell's management that the Club's offer for 2021 and beyond has been withdrawn following discussions with Latrell today," the statement said.

"Latrell said he would like to explore his options for the 2021 season, but he remains under contract with the Gauls for the 2020 season."

Clinging to Mitchell turned out to be a difficult task for the Gauls who failed to re-sign the winner of the premiere twice before the November 1 deadline, allowing him to buy his value on the open market.

The news of disorderly negotiations due to the fact that the self-assessment of his Mitchell value is considerably higher than what the Gauls have been prepared to offer him so far, have opened the doors to rival clubs for swooping, in particular the Canterbury Bulldogs.

However, on Tuesday, Wide World of Sports reported that the Bulldogs had abandoned the pursuit for Latrell Mitchell, leaving the future of the enigmatic center in limbo.

Now it looks like his current club did the same with the back-to-back premieres who played football with their ethereal talent.

According to Weidler, according to reports, Mitchell was left "insulted" by the Gauls' offer of $ 800,000 per season while the club seemed to come to a conclusion for the current saga this week.

Reportedly, Mitchell was left annoyed by the Gauls after he felt he had not received the praise that his teammates James Tedesco and Luke Keary had accumulated about them after their recent first title.

Latrell Mitchell – In a league of his own

Despite Mitchell's long history with the Gauls, which developed him from the age of 16 when he moved from Taree to Sydney, this year the cracks began to appear at various stages.

In May, news emerged that the Gauls were aware that there were people in Mitchell's ear suggesting that a move to the Rabbitohs would suit him in the wake of Greg Inglis's shock retreat.

An alleged alteration between Mitchell and members of the public in a pub on the north-central coast of NSW has put a strain on the relationship.


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