News from today: After deaths: authorities close three pharmacies in Cologne


The messages in the short overview:

  • After deaths: Authorities close three pharmacies in Cologne (9.23 clock)
  • Argentinian cuts lovers off the penis – 13 years in prison (6:36 pm)
  • Texas points out convicted murderer (6:28 am)
  • Kita study: Germany needs 106,500 additional educators (5:00 am)
  • Austria calls the climate emergency (0.23 clock)

The news of today in the star-Ticker:

+++ 10.25 clock: Norway: Russian fish trawler sinks after fire +++

In the north of Norway, a ship that has caught fire has capsized. The trawler lying in the port of Tromsø tipped to the side in the morning, as shown by recordings of the Norwegian radio station NRK. The police said at a press conference, it is now stable on reason. The capsizing causes the ship to cool in the water, reducing the risk of an ammonia tank exploding aboard. The danger is completely banished but not further.

The fire broke out on Wednesday on the Russian fishing ship. On board are said to have been 200,000 liters of diesel, most of which is now burned. The police called a security zone around the ship. 12 of the 29 crewmembers had to be treated for suspected smoke poisoning.

+++ 10.24 clock: Austria: prosecutor confirms investigation against Strache +++

The Vienna Public Prosecutor's Office investigates the former Austrian Vice Chancellor and ex-FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache on suspicion of infidelity. The authority said on Thursday a few days before the parliamentary election. It is about that Strache, his former office manager and his former bodyguard submitted to the party inadmissible bills and thereby have damaged the party assets.

“Bills and bills have been submitted that should cause the party to pay for private expenses,” said authority spokesman Thomas Vecsey. The sum of damage exceeds the limit of 5000 euros, which is why the sentence is up to three years imprisonment, the prosecutor said. Strache denies all allegations. “These are all shabby and constructed lies of a criminal network, which was actively active for years against my person,” he wrote on Wednesday on Facebook. The FPÖ Vienna has announced that it will review all invoices since 2013.

+++ 10.08 clock: At least seven people killed in earthquakes in Indonesia +++

At least seven people were killed in an earthquake on the Indonesian Moluccan Islands. The magnitude 6.5 earthquake shook the archipelago around 8:45 am local time (1:45 CEST), as the disaster relief of the Southeast Asian country announced. Particularly affected was the city of Ambon, where several people were killed by falling parts of the building. According to the authorities at least five other people were injured. A provincial government spokesman, Alberth Simaela, said, “Many people are not returning to their homes because of rumors of another earthquake.” But there is “no basis” for this.

Video: Old devastation and new earthquakes in Indonesia

+++ 10.02 clock: tens of thousands of eggs land on US Highway +++

A truck has lost more than 136,000 fertilized eggs in the state of Pennsylvania. As the newspaper “The Republican Herald” reported, the van was on Tuesday morning on the way to a hatchery. As the truck drove up a hill in Hegins town, the cargo toppled over. Also 8500 liters of egg products had landed on the road and flowed down the hill. The driver did not notice any of this and drove on, it was said. The affected road section was subsequently blocked for several hours.

+++ 9:46: Judgment in the case of the murdered hitchhiker Sophia final appeal +++

The conviction of a truck driver to life imprisonment in the case of the murdered hitchhiker Sophia is final. After the defendant and his defense waived the right to appeal and the other parties filed an appeal until Wednesday, legal force entered, as the District Court of Bayreuth announced on Thursday. The Bayreuth district court had found the Moroccan-born truck driver Boujemaa L. guilty of having beaten and seriously injured 28-year-old student Sophia in June last year. A few minutes later, he beat the still-living young woman with another blow – the murder motive of concealing the previous injury. The originally adopted murder motive of a sexual offense could not be proven.

+++ 9:23: After deaths: authorities close three pharmacies in Cologne +++

After two deaths from a poisoned drug, the authorities ordered the immediate closure of three pharmacies in Cologne. It is about the preventive health protection during the ongoing investigation, said a spokesman for the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Health. The death of a mother and her baby had become public on Monday.

“Since a threat to other customers can not be completely ruled out by pharmaceuticals delivered by the pharmacy, the temporary closure of the entire pharmacy operation is required,” said the district government of Cologne. It concerns the pharmacy, from which the poisoned remedy originated, as well as two branches.

Enigmatic deaths: Cologne pharmacy: investigations into suspicion of homicides

+++ 7:43: major fire in chemical plant in northern France +++

Black clouds of smoke over Rouen in Normandy: A chemical plant in the northern French city is on fire. This was reported by the local prefecture and advised citizens to avoid the area. French media reported huge flames and explosions at the Lubrizol factory producing additives for oils. People have not been harmed so far.

The factory is in the so-called Seveso category of dangerous production sites, which would be particularly monitored by authorities, reported the news channel BFMTV. In Seveso, Italy, near Milan, there had been a devastating chemical accident in 1976.

+++ 6:36: Argentinian cuts lovers off the penis – 13 years in prison +++

Because she cut her lover's penis with pruning shears, in Argentina a woman has been sentenced to 13 years in prison. A Córdoba City jury convicted 28-year-old Brenda B. of the attempted murder. The woman has admitted the act, but denied any intent to kill.

B. had her genitals cut off in November 2017 for her lover married to another woman. According to the victim, she feigned a love game, blindfolded him – and then attacked him with pruning shears. The man was able to flee seriously injured and was initially supplied by neighbors. He had to undergo several operations in the episode. At the trial, the accused said her lover treated her like a “trophy.” So he showed his friends intimate videos of her. “He hurt my intimacy, my life, my career.”

+++ 6.28 am: Texas directs convicted killers +++

In Texas, a convicted murderer has been executed who killed his wife and two step-sons. The death sentence for 45-year-old Robert Sparks was enforced in a Texas jail. The US Supreme Court had rejected appeals against the execution only hours earlier. Sparks was sentenced to death in 2008. He had stabbed his wife and their nine and ten-year-old sons to death at his Dallas house at night. He then raped his twelve and 14-year-old stepdaughters. He later claimed to have acted out of revenge because his wife wanted to poison him.

The lawsuit against Sparks caused a stir because a court clerk wore a tie with a syringe. Apparently, he wanted to express his support for the death penalty. Sparks is the seventh inmate executed in Texas this year and the 16th in the entire US.

+++ 5.33 clock: Survey: Left and AfD in Thuringia to +++

Barely a month before the state elections in Thuringia, the left of Prime Minister Bobo Ramelow has gained in a recent survey. If Sunday's election, 29 percent of those polled would vote for the party. This is 3 percentage points more than the corresponding survey in August. The Erfurter opinion research institute Insa had conducted the survey on behalf of the media group Thuringia, whose newspapers reported on Thursday.

The AfD can therefore also gain 3 points and is with 24 percent in second place, followed by the CDU with 23 percent (-1). The SPD and the Greens, which lose 2 percentage points, are the same with 9 percent each. The FDP would miss the entry into the state parliament with 4 per cent.

+++ 5.00 clock: Kita study: Germany needs 106,500 additional educators +++

The lack of staff in the day-care centers, according to a study, despite all efforts increasingly a problem, burdened quality of care and educators. For child-friendly care nationwide, there are about 106,500 additional full-time full-time employees in the day care centers. This is emphasized by the Bertelsmann Stiftung's “Country Monitoring Early Childhood Education Systems”. There are clear differences between the federal states. The West is considerably better off than the East. The early educational opportunities are still dependent on the place of residence, as the published study shows.

+++ 3.44 clock: Maas advertises at UN General Debate on “sustainable foreign policy” and cooperation +++

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) campaigned for a “sustainable foreign policy” and for international cooperation at the UN General Debate in New York. Maas criticized in his speech on Wednesday indirectly the policy of US President Donald Trump. Sustainable is a foreign policy, “which is based on sustainable agreements, rather than on quick deals at the expense of others”. If you love your country, you can count on cooperation, emphasized Maas. “That's the only way we all have a future.” Sustainable foreign policy is multilateral foreign policy. ”

Cooperation is also “no betrayal of one's own country,” said the Federal Foreign Minister. “It creates the conditions for our countries to prosper.” Maas criticized a logic of selfish trade in international politics. Ultimately, this means nothing but “everyone against everyone”. “At the same time, not a single one of the great issues of the future can be solved by one country alone,” said Maas. “Globalization, digitization, migration or man-made climate change can only provide answers together.”

Politician Heiko Maas

+++ 1.15 clock: Trump imposed new entry bans against Iran's government +++

In the conflict with Iran, US President Donald Trump has imposed an entry ban on high-ranking government officials in Tehran. Their immediate family members are unlikely to enter the US until further notice, it was said in a published by the White House Trump. The US Department of State will determine to which persons the ban actually applies. In support of this, the US President stated that Iran's government was “a state sponsor of terrorism.” The entry ban remains in effect until the Foreign Minister decides that it is no longer necessary, in whole or in part.

+++ 0.23: Austria calls the climate emergency +++

Four days before the parliamentary election, Austria's National Council has called the climate emergency. A motion for a resolution was adopted by a large majority. With the symbolic measure, Parliament recognizes “the mitigation of the climate and environmental crisis and its consequences as a task of the highest priority”. The right-wing populist FPÖ rejected the decision as the only party. The FPÖ deputy Walter Rauch spoke of an attempt to produce “climate mystery away from any realities”.


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