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What is and will be important today.

What is important

USA check for possible use of chemical weapons in Syria. According to the US, the Syrian leadership may use chemical weapons. The US Department of State speaks of signs of chlorine use a few days ago. One still collects information, said a spokeswoman – and threatens the Assad regime with a “reasonable” response. To the message

EXCLUSIVE Why only a few offenders of the Catholic Church are punished. From a report that evaluates internal files on sexual abuse and violence by employees of the Catholic Church, there are hardly any promising criminal cases. Many alleged perpetrators are dead, many acts barred. The Catholic Church still reports little cases of abuse among state authorities. By Nicolas Richter and Ronen Steinke

FPÖ under suspicion of illegal party funding. In the recorded on Ibiza video mentions ex-party leader Strache an association that could donate over the donor of the party to the Treasury over large amounts. Under suspicion are the clubs “Austria in Motion” and “Economy for Austria” – they deny that. Hannes Munzinger reports. All texts and information about the Strache-Video can be found here.

EXCLUSIVE Software breakdown at Deutsche Bank. Due to a software bug, the bank has been struggling for years to properly check payments from major customers. Now she promises to “fix the problem as quickly as possible”. By Meike Schreiber and Markus Zydra

Julian Brandt changes to BVB. Thanks to an opt-out clause, the 23-year-old can change for a fixed transfer fee of 25 million euros. After Nico Schulz comes to the new Sasion the second German international to Dortmund. The details

What is important

Federal Court of Justice adjudicates on own use terminations in hardship cases. In Berlin, an 80-year-old is about to move out after many years, because a young family has bought the apartment. In Saxony-Anhalt, the landlords want to move into a semi-detached house – the grandmother, who wanted to be closer to them, but is now dead. The tenants consider the internal needs for advanced and a move for health reasons unreasonable.

Daimler shareholders vote on new Group structure. The group could be split into three legally independent divisions – one for cars and vans, one for trucks and buses and one for mobility and financial services. Daimler AG will continue to exist as the sprawling parent company with CEO Källenius at the helm. The Swede takes over the leadership of the car manufacturer Dieter Zetsche.

Breakfast Flake

Smart Home, smart Prison. In the future, prison guards in Hong Kong will receive intelligent support: Smart wristbands should recognize at the pulse of the inmates whether they have taken drugs. In addition, intelligent technology uses cameras to detect whether a prisoner may injure himself. At the moment, privacy is the only concern, reports Larissa Holzki.



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