News of today: Rare Sumatran elephant probably killed by poachers


The messages in the short overview:

  • Poachers kill rare Sumatran elephants (2:36 pm)
  • Munich: All-clear police operation at Marienplatz (12.28 clock)
  • Brandenburg: Prime Minister Woidke re-elected (10.26 clock)
  • Several people treated after chemical accident (7:19 am)
  • Global Terrorism Index: Number of victims of terrorism drops (6.05 pm)

The news of today in the star-Ticker:

+++ 14:38 clock: Chile: police waived rubber bullets +++

In the face of hundreds of wounded in the violent clashes between demonstrators and security forces in Chile, police have largely suspended the use of rubber bullets. At demonstrations, the ammunition will not be used until further notice, the police said on Tuesday evening (local time). Rubber bullets should only be used in extreme cases, if there is danger to the lives of civil servants or civilians.

+++ 14:36: Forest workers find dead Sumatra elephant without tusks +++

Forest workers have found a rare Sumatran elephant dead on the Indonesian island of Sumatra – without its tusks. According to another report, the animal's entire head was missing. The approximately 40-year-old male animal was apparently killed by poachers, as the regional conservation agency announced. According to the animal welfare organization WWF, there are now less than 3000 Sumatran elephants. Poaching and the clearing of the forests are creating a problem for the population.

In Kenya, too, the death of an elephant has provoked outrage and dismay. In a video villagers are seen hacking at the fallen animal with machetes and axes while others throw stones at it. According to the National Wildlife Service (KWS), the incident occurred about 250 kilometers north of the capital Nairobi last year, where the carcass of a stray elephant from the Ncoroiboro Imenti Sanctuary had been found.

+++ 14:28: Huthi rebels release foreign ships and crews +++

The Houthi rebels in Yemen released three foreign ships and all 16 crew members that had been set at the weekend. As the South Korean Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday, Iran-backed rebels released two South Korean ships and one Saudi Arabian tug. The crew members, including two South Koreans, are therefore free.

On Sunday, the Houthis had confiscated the ships in the Red Sea and brought them to the port of Saleef, because the ships had sailed “without prior notice” in Yemen's territorial waters, as the rebels announced on Tuesday.

+++ 14:16: Clinic lays out condolence book for Fritz von Weizsäcker +++

The Berlin Castle Park Clinic has interpreted according to a condolence book for the doctor Fritz von Weizsäcker killed there. “All employees have the opportunity to express their concern in a protected room,” the clinic said. The head physician was stabbed to death on Tuesday evening during a public lecture. “Employees and participants of the event receive psychological support,” the statement says.

Von Weizsäcker (59), son of the former Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker, headed the Department of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. A suspect is a 57-year-old German.

+++ 14:11: Uganda: aid organization recalls hundreds of thousands of defective condoms +++

The worldwide aid organization Marie Stopes has recalled hundreds of thousands of damaged condoms in Uganda. Affected are two batches of about 400,000 condoms each, said David Kamu of Marie Stopes Uganda on Wednesday. The country's health department had previously warned that the “Life Guard” condoms had failed in quality tests because they were partly leaking and could burst. Uganda has one of the highest HIV rates in the world.

Marie Stopes is according to own website the largest charitable family planning organization in Uganda. According to the UN organization Unaids, 1.4 million Ugandans are infected with the AIDS virus.

+++ 14:01 clock: “Verschissmus” wreath: police checks the end of the investigation +++

The Essen police will check whether they can put the case of the “Verschissmuss” loop on a memorial wreath of the SPD in Mülheim to the files. The decision must still be discussed with the prosecutor, said a spokeswoman on Wednesday. The police had turned on because of the great public interest. According to earlier information, the officials had not found any evidence of criminally relevant behavior.

After a report of the “Bild” newspaper (Paid Content) A delivery error is the cause of the incorrect label. An employee of the florist, who had delivered the wreath for a memorial service on Memorial Day, recorded the text sent by the SPD on the phone and wrote down “the victims of war and Verschissmuss” instead of “the victims of war and fascism”. She faxed the text to the loop printer. He was not checked there. “Everything was clear and legible and I print what the customer sends us by fax,” said the newspaper's owner.

+++ 13:51: Automotive supplier Continental closes hydraulic division +++

The automotive supplier Continental will definitely withdraw from the business of hydraulic engineering for internal combustion engines. The Supervisory Board of the Dax Group confirmed the relevant plans of the Management Board at a meeting in Hanover on Wednesday. The production of hydraulic components for petrol and diesel engines should “expire in the coming years”, the company said. “The background is accelerated by tightened emissions legislation, disruptive change of the car industry to electric mobility,” it said. The hydraulic demand had collapsed.

So far, Continental manufactures related parts such as high-pressure pumps or injection nozzles in, for example, the Bavarian town of Roding, in Limbach-Oberfrohna in Saxony, and in the USA (Newport News) and in Italy (Pisa). In view of the transformation of the automotive industry, the Group will focus on electronics, sensors and automated driving technologies.

+++ 13:37: Holocaust downplayed: “Extinction Rebellion” distances itself from founder +++

The German branch of the climate protest alliance Extinction Rebellion has sharply distanced itself on Wednesday from statements made by British co-founder Roger Hallam, which relativize the Holocaust. The in a current Interview with the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” statements made are “not sustainable” for Extinction rebellion Germany, stressed the alliance. This applies to content and expression.

As the “time” reported on Wednesday in advance, Hallam called the 70 years ago by the Germans to the European Jews perpetrated Holocaust in an interview as “just another fuckery in human history”. The emphatically vulgar English expression can be roughly translated as “just another bullshit in human history”. The “time” itself translated this with “just another shit”.

“Extinction Rebellion Germany distances itself from Roger Hallam's downplaying and relativizing remarks on the Holocaust,” the local branch said. This also applies to his other statements on democracy, racism and sexism.

+++ 13:27: Chancellor condolates family Weizsäcker +++

After the deadly knife attack on the doctor Fritz von Weizsäcker Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has expressed her condolences. “It is a terrible blow to the Weizsäcker family, and the sympathy of the Federal Chancellor, certainly also the members of the federal government as a whole, go to the widow, to the whole family,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert in Berlin.

The son of the former Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker was said to have been stabbed on Tuesday evening in Berlin during a lecture. At first, nothing was known about the motive of the 57-year-old suspect.

Twitter users react to the death of Fritz von Weizsäcker

+++ 1:24 pm: Great Britain: Villagers keep finding bundles of money on the streets +++

A former mining village in northeast England is looking for an anonymous benefactor. Over the past five years, a stranger has been tearing up bundles of money on the streets of Blackhall Colliery – to date, the residents found 13 bundles of banknotes worth a total of 26,000 pounds (33,000 euros). “These bundles are always left in public on the sidewalk and found by random passers-by who have delivered them to us,” said John Forster of Durham County police.

Last time money was found on Monday, it was the fourth find this year. Possibly a good Samaritan would do the money, Forster speculated. The policeman praised the “incredible sense of community” of the citizens who paid the money. Newspapers already refer to Blackhall Colliery as the most honest village in the United Kingdom.

+++ 12.53 clock: India: frequent flyer is out for faster safety check as a Lufthansa pilot +++

To avoid long queues at the airport, a passenger in India has spent as a Lufthansa pilot. The 48-year-old was arrested at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, where he wanted to take a plane to Kolkata in the east of the country, police said in the Indian capital. Lufthansa told the German press agency that the process was known to it – support the Indian authorities in clarifying the case.

According to the police, the man was wearing a pilot uniform of German Lufthansa at the gate on Tuesday when he was arrested and carried a false identity card. The security staff at Lufthansa previously alerted the authorities to a suspected person in the airline uniform, as deputy police chief Sanjay Bhatia said. When interviewed, the businessman stated that he was a frequent flyer. In the past six months, he has repeatedly spent as a pilot to get through the security checks faster. In addition, he had also used seats, which are usually reserved for crew members.

+++ 12:41: British ex-diplomat accuses China torture +++

A former employee of the British consulate in Hong Kong has accused the Chinese secret police of having tortured him for days. Hong Kong-born Simon Cheng said Wednesday he had been detained in China for 15 days in August and questioned about Britain's role in the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. He was beaten, tied up and mistreated. The British Foreign Ministry ordered in protest the Chinese ambassador.

Cheng said he had been taken to administrative detention in August following a trip to the neighboring southern city of Shenzen. On the social network Facebook, he wrote that he had been on a high-speed train on his way back to Hong Kong when he was stopped by Chinese policemen and sent back to Shenzhen. The Chinese police accused him of being a British spy. He was forced by the officials to strength exercises. If he could not continue, he was beaten.

+++ 12:28: Police Munich gives all-clear because Drohanruf +++

The Munich police gave the all-clear on the Marienplatz all-clear. “At Marienplatz in Munich, we could not find any danger for passers-by and visitors,” the police write on Twitter. Now focus on finding the background.

+++ 12:20: Because of nitrate in groundwater: environmentalists sue German states +++

Environmentalists have filed a lawsuit against the governments in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia because of excessive nitrate pollution in groundwater. Two thirds of the German territory of the Ems region “are in a poor chemical state,” said the German Environmental Aid (DUH) and the nature conservation organization BUND on Wednesday. The limit of 50 milligrams per liter in groundwater is exceeded at many measuring points in the region.

The DUH filed a complaint with the Lower Saxony Higher Administrative Court in Lüneburg on the basis of the Water Framework Directive, supported by the BUND. The main reasons for the problem are over-fertilization and intensive animal husbandry in the region. Lower Saxony would have to be 200,000 hectares larger, the environmentalists argue, in order to “deploy masses of liquid manure and digestate to the fields as needed”.

+++ 12:16: Migrants in refrigerated containers are probably from Iraq and Kuwait +++

The 25 migrants discovered on a North Sea ferry in a refrigerated truck are most likely from Kuwait and Iraq. The police informed the Dutch city of Rotterdam on Wednesday via Twitter. The identity determination is not yet completed, therefore, one can not confirm the origin with all certainty. The group also included six minors. The driver of the refrigerated truck was arrested. At first, it was unclear whether the 39-year-old Romanian knew of the people in the refrigerated trailer.

The 25 people had been found on Tuesday afternoon in the refrigerated container on the Danish freight ferry “Britannia Seaways”. The ship had been on the way from the Dutch port of Vlaardingen near Rotterdam in the English Felixstowe, turned after the discovery but around. The refrigerated container on the truck was switched on according to information of the Dutch news agency ANP.

+++ 12:10: stabbed by Weizsäcker: suspect no patient of the clinic +++

The suspect in the case of the deadly attack on a chief physician in Berlin was not a patient of the clinic in which the act happened. The a police spokeswoman told the station ntv, To the sanity of the man would be so far no knowledge. The victim of the knife attack on Tuesday evening was Fritz von Weizsäcker, a son of the former Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker.

The police have said that the person arrested is 57 years old and German. The murder weapon was a knife. On Wednesday, an investigating judge should decide whether the suspect is being remanded to custody or to a psychiatric facility.

+++ 12.09 clock: Russia: withdrawal of the Kurds from northern Syria almost completed +++

Kurdish fighters in northern Syria have withdrawn according to Russian data from almost all areas on the border with Turkey. “The withdrawal is almost complete,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday in Moscow, the agency Interfax. “There are only a few regions left where this still needs to be done.” Similar statements had already been made in the past. The Kurds have no alternative to cooperating with the government in Damascus, Lavrov said.

Turkey had repeatedly threatened a military offensive if the Kurdish militias did not withdraw as agreed. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized again on Tuesday that neither Russia nor the US had managed to liberate the border completely from “terrorists”.

+++ 12.05 clock: Police Munich after Drohanruf in large-scale use +++

The police Munich has received a notice and is therefore on Marienplatz in action. The police Munich writes on Twitter. According to a report of “tz” has an anonymous caller on an alleged “threat situation” pointed. Currently, heavily armed officials are seen in the city center, reports the newspaper. The Marienplatz is the square in front of the “New Town Hall” and one of the major tourist attractions of Munich's Old Town.

+++ 11.19 Clock: Afghanistan: At least twelve dead in attack on control posts +++

In a raid by the militant Islamist Taliban on a checkpoint in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz, at least twelve soldiers have been killed. At least four other soldiers were wounded in the incident in Imam Sahib district, provincial councilors said. The Taliban controlled parts of the district for several months, the provincial councils continued.

The battles in Afghanistan continue despite a continued prisoner exchange this week between the Taliban and the Afghan government. President Aschraf Ghani had expressed the hope that the release of three senior Taliban members would pave the way for direct peace talks. So far, the Taliban have rejected them, they regard the government in Kabul as a “puppet” of the West.

+++ 11.04 clock: SPD plans new child support +++

The SPD wants to protect families with lower incomes by a new child benefit from poverty. The acting SPD leader Malu Dreyer presented in the newspapers of the Funke media group on Wednesday a concept that the Social Democrats want to decide on their party convention in December. “We want to offer a living cash benefit that summarizes all previous family benefits,” Dreyer said. “It should be staggered according to income situation of the parents.”

The poorer the family is, the higher the cash benefit will be. The monthly base amount is 250 euros, the maximum amount for children over 14 years at 478 euros. The SPD also wants to introduce a “participation account” in the form of a children's card with a monthly sum of 30 euros. This would give children the opportunity to “go to the sports club, the music school or the swimming pool – regardless of the purse of the parents,” explained Dreyer. In addition, there should be non-contributory day-care centers, free all-day offers for schoolchildren and free travel by bus and train in public transport for all children throughout Germany.

+++ 10:51 clock: AfD Thuringia fails with Prüffall lawsuit in the Constitutional Court +++

A constitutional complaint of the Thuringian AfD against their public classification as a test case of the constitution protection is inadmissible. The decided Thuringian constitutional judge in Weimar. Thus, the Constitutional Court did not declare jurisdiction for the action.

The Thuringia AfD had sued against the president of the Thuringian constitution protection, Stephan Kramer, as well as Minister of the Interior Georg Maier (SPD). One year ago, Kramer declared AfD a “test case” – a precursor to a possible observation of extremist tendencies. Minister of the Interior Maier did not contradict this assessment. The AFD saw this as an impermissible interference with their rights as a party. AfD boss Björn Höcke announced that the case would continue to be prosecuted at the administrative court in Weimar. There, the AfD has also filed a lawsuit, said Höcke.

+++ 10.36 clock: So far no knowledge of motive for deadly knife attack +++

After the fatal knife attack on the Berlin chief physician Fritz von Weizsäcker during a lecture, the police has no further information on the motive of the 57-year-old suspect. The investigation of the eighth homicide, especially on the motive of the man, persisted, the investigators said. At the request of the prosecutor, the attacker should be brought before the investigating judge.

+++ 10:26 clock: Brandenburg Prime Minister Woidke re-elected +++

The SPD politician Dietmar Woidke has been elected for another term as Brandenburg Prime Minister. He received in the vote in the state parliament in Potsdam in the first round of voting the necessary majority. Woidke will lead a so-called “Kenya” coalition government of SPD, CDU and Greens, which has a comfortable majority of 50 of the total of 88 seats in the Potsdam Landtag. Woidke had in August 2013, the premiership of the then diseased incumbent Matthias Platzeck (SPD) and taken over in the past legislative period, a red-red coalition government led. In the election last September, the SPD was again the strongest parliamentary group in parliament, but the red-red government lost its majority – not least because of the cut of the AfD, the second strongest force.

+++ 10.23 clock: Journalist murder in Malta: Suspicious businessman arrested +++

In Malta, a prominent businessman was arrested two years ago in connection with the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. He had been caught in the morning when he wanted to leave the island with his luxury yacht, reported the “Times of Malta”, The arrest was confirmed to the German press agency from investigator circles. Videos showed how security forces searched the yacht.

Caruana Galizia, a blogger critical of the government, was blown up in her car on October 16, 2017, near her home in Bidnija. She had researched, among other things, corruption in government and businessmen in Malta and their involvement in the scandal surrounding the Panama Papers.

+++ 10.20 am: At least 14 people killed in Israeli attack in Syria +++

At least 14 people died in the new Israeli air force attacks in neighboring Syria. The Syrian Observatory reported Wednesday that eleven Syrian Army soldiers and fighters of pro-government militias had been killed. Seven of the victims were not Syrians. Among other things, Israeli rockets have destroyed a weapons warehouse belonging to the Iranian Al-Kuds unit.

Circles of Syrian health care facilities also said that three civilians had been killed in the surrounding area southwest of the capital Damascus. Syrian army circles reported that six military personnel were killed.

+++ 10.14 Clock: study: 38 percent assume political influence on media +++

According to a study, about four out of every ten citizens believe that the state and government set the reporting requirements for the German media. 38 percent of respondents assume that; 58 percent, however, see no influence of politics. This was announced by Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) on Wednesday in Cologne. On its behalf, the pollster Infratest dimap asked the credibility of the media.

37 percent suspect that especially the reporting of public service broadcasters are affected by political guidelines. For television in general, the value was 15 percent, and for newspapers and newspapers in general, 9 percent.

+++ 10.02 clock: Two suspected IS followers landed in Amsterdam +++

In the Netherlands, two alleged IS supporters arrived with their children. The two women were arrested immediately after their arrival at the airport in Amsterdam, according to the Dutch news agency ANP, citing prosecutors and the Ministry of Justice. One of the women has Dutch nationality and the other was deprived of her last month.

The women are reportedly 23 and 25 years old, children three and four. After arriving on Tuesday evening, the children were handed over to the youth welfare office. The young women are suspected of having links to the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). They will be shown to the magistrate in Rotterdam on Friday.

+++ 10.01 clock: Several injured in explosion in southern Italy +++

In an explosion in southern Italy, five firefighters and two policemen have been injured. The forces came to the building in Reggio Calabria because of a fire on Wednesday around 1:40 clock, when the explosion occurred, said the fire department. The injured were able to leave the hospital in the morning. According to news agency Ansa, the building was a butcher's shop. The cause of the fire was a short circuit.

At the beginning of November, during firefighting in northern Italy, three firefighters were killed by an explosion. The owner of the house was arrested days later. He confessed to triggering the explosion to collect a sum insured.

+++ 9.20 am: Afghanistan: Two US soldiers die in helicopter crash +++

Two US soldiers died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. It all points to an accident, said the US Army. Initial reports suggested that the helicopter had not been shot down. The army gave no information about the location of the accident. Meanwhile, the radical Islamic Taliban claimed to have shot down the helicopter at night in the district of Scharch in the province of Logar.

According to US army figures, 19 US soldiers have died in combat this year in Afghanistan. Eighteen years after the US invasion into the country in the Hindu Kush around 13,000 US soldiers are still stationed there. According to UN figures, more than 2,500 Afghan civilians have been killed this year.

+++ 9:09: More and more swine cases near the German border +++

In Poland, near the German border, an additional 18 cases of African swine fever (ASP) have been detected in wild boar. The pathogen was found in dead animals in the Lubusz region, as the Polish veterinary service announced on Tuesday evening. The carcasses had been discovered at the weekend. In one of these animals ASP was already detected, also in a previously overrun boar.

The EU Commission now wants to get an overview of the situation. A scientist from the Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI) is traveling to western Poland, according to the Federal Research Institute on the island of Riems near Greifswald.

+++ 8:52: Activists: Eleven fighters killed in Israeli air strikes in Syria +++

In Israeli air strikes on Syrian and Iranian positions in Syria eleven fighters have been killed, according to activists. Among the dead were seven foreigners, reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. It is still unclear whether the foreigners are Iranians or pro-Iranian fighters of other nationalities. In addition, four civilians were injured.

The UK-based observatory receives its information from local activists. Your information can hardly be confirmed by an independent party.

+++ 8:33: Number of building permits for apartments dropped +++

Despite the great demand for real estate, the decline in building permits in Germany continues. In the first nine months of this year, the authorities approved the construction or renovation of 257,900 apartments, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden. That was 1.9 percent less than in the same period of the previous year.

+++ 7:19 am: Several people treated after chemical accident in the US +++

According to media reports, 13 people have been taken to hospitals after a chemical accident at a spray product factory in Merrimack, New Hampshire. 53 more were treated locally, reported the station NBC 10 Boston. However, nobody was seriously injured, other local media reported.

Trigger was a chemical powder from a package labeled incorrectly by the dealer, the newspaper New Hampshire Union Leader wrote, citing fire chief Mike Currier. When using the substance it then came to an undesirable reaction. The exact nature of the substance was unknown at first. For safety's sake, the building had been evacuated, it said.

+++ 07.10 clock: Pope Francis visiting Thailand +++

Pope Francis has arrived for a three-day visit to Thailand. The majority Buddhist kingdom is the first stop on an Asian trip that will take the head of the Catholic Church to Japan. The program in the capital Bangkok will feature two big fairs and a meeting with King Maha Vajiralongkorn. It is eagerly awaited whether the Pope will comment on issues such as human trafficking and sex tourism.

+++ 06:06: Two US soldiers killed in Afghanistan in a helicopter crash +++

In Afghanistan, two US soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash. This was reported by the US forces in Afghanistan. The cause of the crash is being investigated, but preliminary reports do not indicate that it was caused by enemy fire, the statement said.

At first, the Nato mission did not provide further information out of consideration for the family members. This is already 19 members of the US Army have died this year.

+++ 06:05: Global Terrorism Index: number of victims of terror continues to decline +++

The number of victims of global terrorism fell for the fourth time in a row last year. This emerges from the Global Terrorism Index of the Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP), which was published in London. According to the report, 15,952 people worldwide died in 2018 due to terrorism. Compared to 2014, the worst year yet, this is a drop of more than 50 percent. In 2017, 25,673 people were killed by terrorism.

In Europe, including Turkey, in 2018 significantly fewer terrorist attacks were reported than in the previous year. If more than 200 people died in the hands of terrorists in 2017, there would still be 62 in 2018.

+++ 5:20 clock: Philologists Association calls for 20,000 high school teachers more +++

The German Philological Association has demanded 20,000 additional high school teachers for mathematics and science subjects throughout Germany. “If we want to be top in mathematics and natural sciences, we need 20,000 additional teachers nationwide – for more hours, for smaller groups and for better talent development,” said the association's chairman Susanne Lin-Klitzing the editorial network Germany. This would cost about 1.6 billion euros more each year.

+++ 05.09 clock: More than a year ago – 1120 Salafists in Berlin +++

According to current estimates, more than 1100 Salafists, ie especially radical Muslims, are currently known in Berlin. “We now have a potential of about 1120 Salafists in Berlin,” said the Berlin intelligence chief Michael Fischer of the German Press Agency. “We're not quite sure if we're seeing another real increase in this dynamic scene or if we're seeing more Salafists because we've stepped up our actions.”

+++ 05.08 clock: Severe accident with three buses in Mexico – 13 dead +++

On a highway near Mexico City a fatal traffic accident with three buses has occurred. Thirteen people were killed, as the government of the state of Mexico announced. In addition, 29 people were injured. The driver of one of the buses was reportedly arrested. On the highway towards Pachuca, the capital of the state of Hidalgo, according to media reports, a minibus at the breakpoint “El Gallito” was raced into a public bus. This had parked behind a barrier to accommodate passengers. The bus hurled after the impact in another public transport bus.

+++ 05:06: Israeli air strikes on targets in Syria +++

The Israeli Air Force has reportedly attacked a number of targets in Syria during the night. On Twitter, Israeli forces reported “broad-based attacks” on positions of the Syrian army and Iranian forces. Israel responded to rocket attacks from Syria from night to Tuesday, it said. At the same time, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) sent a sharp warning to the Syrian government. “We consider the Syrian regime responsible for all actions that emanate from Syria and warn against further attacks against Israel,” tweeted the IDF.

Zimbabwe: Lioness attacks elephants - Safari participants experience a battle for life and death

+++ 4:56 am: Rare Sumatran elephant without tusks found dead +++

On the Indonesian island of Sumatra one of the rare Sumatran elephants has been found dead – without its tusks. The approximately 40-year-old male animal was apparently the victim of poachers, as the regional conservation authority announced. According to the animal welfare organization WWF, there are now less than 3000 Sumatran elephants.

+++ 04:46: New lyrics from Coldplay – in New Zealand local newspaper +++

The British pop band Coldplay released the lyrics a few days before the release of their new album “Everyday Life” – very far from the usual music scene. The lyrics of 15 new songs can be found in a New Zealand local newspaper, the “Otago Daily Times”.

The sheet with a circulation of 43,000 copies, which appears on the South Island of the Pacific State, got the material in advance. Why the “Otago Daily Times” was selected, the newspaper could not clarify. The record company Warner Music left it open.

The lyrics of the first Coldplay studio album since 2015 were already on Tuesday in 15 ads, which were distributed over the sheet. There were no explanations. It was not until the band around Chris Martin (42) pointed it out on their official Twitter account that the matter became clearer. With hits like “Fix You” or “Yellow”, Coldplay is one of the most successful music groups in the world. The album will be released on Friday.

+++ 04.44 Clock: Kinderschutzbund: Children's Rights into the Basic Law +++

30 years after the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the German Child Protection Association has called on politicians to explicitly include children's rights in the Basic Law. “I expect that the German Bundestag and the German Bundesrat will confess to the rights of the children with a two-thirds majority,” said President Heinz Hilgers.

In Germany there is still a lot to do 30 years after the adoption of the Convention. “Too often, children are perceived as appendages to their parents or as objects of protection.” But children are not small adults, but people with their own dignity and their own rights. These would therefore have to be explicitly included in the Basic Law.

Hong Kong: Police encircle demonstrators in university

+++ 04:28 clock: Tug-of-war over occupied university in Hong Kong continues +++

The tug of war over the occupation of a Hong Kong university continues. The number of demonstrators who have entrenched themselves in the polytechnic, went back to the media reports but a few dozen. The police called on the remaining remaining activists to come out peacefully. Recently, several small groups tried to flee the campus, but were immediately arrested by the police. The security forces have sealed off the site.

Around 800 people left the university peacefully and cooperated, police said. Among them were 300 minors. According to the authorities, people under the age of 18 could go home, but had to leave their personal details to the police for further investigation. The other 500 protesters were arrested after media reports.

+++ 4:04 clock: 25 migrants in refrigerated containers on ferry to England discovered +++

A few weeks after the discovery of 39 bodies in a refrigerated truck in the UK, migrants have been discovered again in a refrigerated container. The 25 migrants had punched a hole in the trailer and could be rescued. They were found on a Danish freight ferry. As the shipping company DFDS announced to the German Press Agency in the late evening, the group had tried to get from the Netherlands to the UK hidden in the refrigerated semi-trailer aboard the “Britannia Seaways”.

+++ 04:01: Again migrants discovered in the Ionian Sea on the way to Italy +++

West of the Greek peninsula Peloponnese, a cargo ship has taken in 45 migrants who wanted to board a boat to Italy. The migrants had sent a distress signal. As a result, the Greek Coast Guard alerted all passing ships. As the State Radio (ERT) further reported on Wednesday morning, all migrants were brought to the small Western Greek port of Katakolo near Olympia.

+++ 03.45 clock: Johnson and Corbyn deliver themselves before election first exchange in TV debate +++

In the televised debate between British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, both politicians in Manchester made a first strike about four weeks before the general election in the UK. In the debate transmitted by the TV broadcaster ITV, there were fierce exchanges between the two rivals, especially on the topics of Brexit and the health system.

Johnson reiterated his campaign pledge to “finish off” Brexit on January 31st. Corbyn, in turn, accused the prime minister of not realizing his schedule. On the topic of health care, the opposition leader claimed that the Conservatives of Premier Johnson wanted to sell the NHS to the US. Johnson called the allegations “an absolute invention.” Neither could make a real point in the first of a series of planned TV debates.

+++ 01:46 Great mediation between Lufthansa and UFO failed +++

According to concurring information from Lufthansa and the cabin crew union Ufo, the agreed last week comprehensive arbitration in the wage dispute is off the table. The great arbitration had failed because it was on the part of the union “no commitments to peace,” said a spokesman for Lufthansa AFP news agency. A UFO spokesman spoke of “extortion” by Lufthansa, which had demanded “without further consideration” a complete strike waiver also at the four Lufthansa subsidiaries.

Lufthansa stressed that it is still in the process of conciliation with UFO. However, it was now only to the “small arbitration,” which in concrete terms would go to the points for which Ufo had last strike, said the Lufthansa spokesman. Originally, a great conciliation was sought, which should go to all tariff topics.

+++ 01:46: US Senate decrees Hong Kong human rights regulation +++

According to the US House of Representatives, the Senate has also passed bills in support of the democracy movement in Hong Kong. The senators unanimously passed a “Human Rights and Democracy Decree” to Hong Kong. Among other things, the regulation provides for US President Donald Trump to impose sanctions on individuals responsible for serious human rights violations in Hong Kong. The Senate also unanimously passed a bill banning the export of tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons and handcuffs to the Hong Kong police, among others.

+++ 1:34 clock: At least three dead in riots in Bolivia +++

At least three people died in clashes between supporters of resigned Bolivian President Evo Morales and the security forces. Another 30 people were injured when soldiers and policemen in the city of El Alto cleared blockades of demonstrators to clear the way for tankers, the state ombudsman said.


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