News today: R. Kelly re-arrested on suspicion of child pornography


The messages in the short overview:

  • R. Kelly re-arrested on suspicion of child pornography (10.03 am)

  • Economy “report on the CO2 price to Merkel (5:05 am)

  • Bed bugs spread – mountain huts start campaign against (5.03 clock)

  • Coalition experts against health insurance payments for homeopathy (4:35 pm)

The news of today in the star-Ticker:

+++ 10.38 clock: “Exciting and dangerous”: Five injured in Stierhatz in Pamplona +++

Five people have been injured in the most turbulent bull driving this year's “Sanfermines” festival in Pamplona, ​​northern Spain. A 57-year-old from the region was impaled by one of the fighting bulls on the thigh and must be operated on, as reported by the Spanish television, citing the doctors. A 28-year-old had suffered a chest trauma, it was said from the hospital. How severe his injury to the chest was, still had to be tested. Another 59-year-old Spaniard suffered a wound on the meniscus.

Commentators in Spain said the sixth bullshit was the “most exciting and dangerous” of the 2019 season so far. Several bulls crashed into the arena on the 875-meter-long track, and numerous runners also fell to the ground. In addition, the hustle and bustle with two minutes and 18 seconds was extremely fast.

+++ 10.30 am: Ten people die crossing a river in Russia +++

Ten people have died in Russia trying to cross a river in an SUV. The bodies had been discovered in the vehicle in the river Shuj in the Republic of Tuva, the authorities said. The republic is located in the south of Siberia. The dead were six children and four adults, said Republic chief Scholban Kara -Ool in the capital Kysyl. He spoke of a tragedy. The two families from the region should have been on the way to vacation to local healing springs. The vehicle was probably carried away by the strong current in the river after heavy rains, it was said.

+++ 10.06 clock: 39 threatened shark and ray species in the Mediterranean +++

More than half of all shark and ray species in the Mediterranean are threatened, according to the animal welfare organization WWF. One third is already “fished to the brink of extinction,” according to the published WWF report. “The alarming state of these predatory fish clearly signals that the health of the Mediterranean as a whole is dwindling”. Overfishing is the biggest threat to sharks and rays in the Mediterranean. According to WWF, 23 shark and 16 ray species are threatened. Plastic waste is another underestimated danger for sharks, as a recently published study shows. The WWF called for better management and regulation of shark fisheries, especially the implementation of existing protective measures.

+++ 10.02 clock: delivery of controversial Russian missile defense for Turkey begins +++

The first deliveries of the controversial Russian missile defense system S-400 for Turkey are on the way. This was confirmed by the Turkish Ministry of Defense on Friday in Ankara.

+++ 09.47 Clock: Destatis: Every second person uses Internet for government contacts +++

Half of the people in Germany now use the Internet for contact with authorities and public institutions. Ten years ago, this share was still at 39 percent, said the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis). In particular, for the general search for information, the websites and apps of the authorities were used (49 percent). By contrast, only 30 percent downloaded forms online, and only 16 percent sent completed forms back online. As a reason Destatis determined not only security concerns, but also the simple absence of such offers.

+++ 09.47 clock: R. Kelly again arrested on suspicion of child pornography +++

The US singer R. Kelly has been arrested again on suspicion of child pornography and other offenses. The New York Times reported that the US Federal Police arrested the 52-year-old R & B star in Chicago. In total, the prosecutor Kelly throws before 13 other offenses, including seduction of a minor and judicial disability.

Kelly had been arrested in February for severe sexual abuse in ten cases, so three of the victims were still minors at the time of the crime. In May, the prosecutor's office has already extended the indictment.

The musician rejects all reproaches. He was previously released on bail. In a guilty verdict threaten him up to 30 years in prison.

+++ 09.30 clock: Daimler shocked with new profit warning because of diesel and airbags +++

For the second time, the Daimler Group is lowering its profit expectations for the current year within a short time, thus shocking the industry. The car manufacturer provides for the management of the diesel affair further 1.6 billion euros back, also put the Stuttgart for problems with Takata airbags around one billion euros to the side, as the Dax Group in Stuttgart announced.

Consolidated earnings before interest and taxes are now expected to be significantly lower than in the previous year by new CEO Ola Källenius, who has been in office since May, which means a drop of more than 15 percent at Daimler. Just three weeks ago, Stuttgart had lowered earnings expectations to the previous year's level.

+++ 07:51: Volkswagen and Ford extend their cooperation +++

Volkswagen and the US carmaker Ford expand their cooperation. This was announced by the Wolfsburg-based company on the Internet service Twitter and announced at 2 pm a press conference that takes place in New York. There, Volkswagen wants to announce details of the partnership, which had been discussed by the company's supervisory board.

VW and Ford are already working together on the development of light commercial vehicles such as pickups. However, there are also joint projects in the field of electromobility and autonomous driving. How exactly the expansion of cooperation should now look like, initially did not tell Volkswagen anything.

+++ 07.07 clock: 37 injured in turbulence on flight from Canada to Australia +++

Thirty-seven people were injured in turbulence during an Air Canada flight en route to Australia. The plane had finally land unscheduled on Hawaii, the airline said. The victims were therefore medically treated, meanwhile, all were released from the hospital again.

According to information, the flight AC33 was on its way from Vancouver in southeastern Canada to Sydney on Thursday with 269 passengers and 15 crew members, when it came to “unforeseen and sudden turbulence”. According to eyewitnesses Global News Canada, eyewitnesses reported that some passengers were not wearing a seatbelt and were bumping their heads at the ceiling.

+++ 06:46: Number of fatalities after train accident in Pakistan increased to 23 +++

After a severe train accident in Pakistan, the death toll has increased to 23. Rescue workers had recovered at least another seven bodies from the damaged wagons during the night, said local police chief Umer Salamat.

Dozens of people were injured on Thursday when a passenger train collided with a freight car in the eastern Pakistani city of Sadiqabad. The train was traveling from the city of Lahore to the province of Balochistan when the accident happened in Punjab province. The freight car was parked for reasons that were still unclear on the rails. Initial investigations indicated human error, said Rail Minister Shaikh Rasheed.

+++ 5:05 am: Economy “report on the CO2 price to Merkel +++

In the morning, the “Business Practices” will present a much-awaited report on the CO2 price for more climate protection to Chancellor Angela Merkel. On behalf of the Chancellor's Office, the government consultants have investigated how carbon dioxide emissions can be made more expensive in order to promote climate-friendly technologies. This is also topic in the Climate Cabinet of the Federal Government next week. But decisions should only be made in September. Especially in the Union there is criticism of the CO2 price.

+++ 05:03: bed bugs spread – mountain huts start campaign +++

The German Alpine Club (DAV) wants to protect its huts this season much better against bed bugs than before. For some years, the plague spirits have occasionally spread to huts: first in the Kaisergebirge, then in the Zugspitze, in the Allgäu and also in Austria. The reason is not least the increase in mountain hiking tourism. Tours from hut to hut have become more and more fashionable. The guests unknowingly drag the animals from one house to another in their sleeping bags and rucksacks – where they have to be laboriously fought over again and again. Now, for example, the landlords prepare themselves for the bugs with microwave ovens, light blue blankets and special bags for their luggage.

+++ 04:35: One month after approval: associations warn of “e-scooter chaos” +++

Barely a month after the approval of electric scooters in Germany, transport associations have drawn a critical balance. The German Road Safety Council and the ADAC demanded in the face of first accidents, a better education on security threats. From Berlin and other cities have been reported since the admission partly serious accidents, said Christian Kellner, Chief Executive of the Road Safety Council. “It shows how dangerous driving with e-scooters is and how much it is underestimated by some.”

Urgently necessary is a broad enlightenment. “Everyone needs to know how to drive with the vehicles and when, which accident risks exist.” A spokeswoman for the ADAC pointed to increasing problems with the e-scooters. The Automobile Club appeals to users to behave responsibly, defensively and proactively. The fact that it comes in rows to alcohol rides, show for the ADAC the need for increased education.

+++ 04:35: Coalition experts against health insurance payments for homeopathy +++

After the physicians also specialist politicians of the grand coalition have decided to abolish the co-payments of health insurance for homeopathic remedies. “It is difficult to convey that costs for homeopathy are partially taken over, while elsewhere must be saved,” said the chairman of the Bundestag Health Committee, Erwin Rüddel (CDU), the editorial network Germany. “That's why I can imagine an end to the reimbursement ability.” The health spokeswoman for the SPD faction, Sabine Dittmar, said that the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies has not been proven. “I therefore see it critically that health insurance companies and thus the contributors pay these funds.”

In neighboring France, homeopathic medicines should no longer be reimbursed by the fund from 2021 onwards. In Germany, they are not part of the service catalog of the statutory health insurance. However, many health insurance companies reimburse treatment costs for natural remedies – also for marketing reasons.

+++ 04.09 Clock: Patients: Sluggish implementation of more foster care +++

The German Foundation for Patient Protection has criticized a sluggish implementation of the program for more jobs in geriatric care. “Additional money creates so far no additional nurses,” said CEO Eugen Brysch. He referred to his own information, according to which less than one million euros had been paid. That would be disastrous. The program has so far brought less than 100 places extra.

The Act on Nursing Care adopted by the Grand Coalition entered into force on 1 January. This makes it possible to finance 13,000 additional jobs in the care of the elderly by the statutory health insurance funds.

+++ 4:04 clock: tennis trophies by Boris Becker for 765,000 euros foreclosed +++

The compulsory auction of numerous trophies and memorabilia of the German tennis idol Boris Becker has brought in 765,000 euros. The most expensive was auctioned off a silver replica of the US Open Cup silver made by the precious jeweler Tiffany in 1989, as Becker's insolvency administrator announced. It was therefore sold for 167,000 euros. With the proceeds, a portion of Beckers debt is to be paid.

Hollywood star as rocker: Johnny Depp meets his birthday wish and sings a song himself

+++ 3:12: David Bowie honored with its own Barbie doll +++

With a Barbie doll of its own, the toy manufacturer Mattel honors the late pop icon David Bowie. The doll is inspired by Bowie's androgynous fictional character Ziggy Stardust: she wears a tight, striped suit in metallic colors and red boots. The Barbie doll is launched on the 50th anniversary of the release of Bowie's legendary single “Space Oddity” in 1969.

The British musician died in 2016 at the age of 69 years. The limited edition doll is said to cost $ 50 (just under $ 45).

+++ 3:07: ADAC expects “one of the worst travel weekends” +++

It will be full on the weekend on the German highways: With North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous state starts the summer holidays – so all countries except Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in the multi-week holiday. The ADAC therefore expects “one of the worst travel weekends”.

With much traffic, the traffic club expects mainly on the highways to the North and Baltic Sea and on the way to the south. Also on the highways in Austria, Croatia, France, Italy and Switzerland it can come to traffic jams. When driving back home, motorists on the border to Germany have to adjust to long waiting times at the immigration controls.

+++ 02.04 clock: riots and looting in Paris after football match +++

In the French capital, Paris, after a victory of the Algerian national football team at the African Cup in Egypt came to riots. Several shops were plundered near the boulevard Champs-Elysées, as a journalist of the news agency AFP reported. Rioting football fans got into clashes with the police.

The Algerian national football team had defeated the Ivory Coast team at the Africa Cup in Egypt and thus reached the semi-finals of the tournament. In Paris, where many people live Algerian vote, then thousands of people moved cheering to the Champs-Elysées.

Dozens of people then hit shop windows in the area and plundered stores, including a motorcycle shop. The rioters resorted to helmets, gloves and even motorcycles until the police intervened.


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