News today: Two children fall from tractor and are being overrun by him


The most important news at a glance:

  • Massive blackout in New York (3:26 am)
  • Two dead children after tractor accident in the Allgäu (3.21 clock)
  • Tropical storm “Barry” upgraded to hurricane (Saturday 17:34 clock)
  • Surveys indicate AFD successes in all three Eastern elections (Sat 14:47)
  • DWD: Weather remains changeable and wet – occasional thunderstorms (Sat 12:39 pm)

The news of today:

+++ 9.53 Clock: Merkel on French National Day in Paris +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) arrived in Paris on Sunday. There, the French national holiday is celebrated with a large military parade on the boulevard Champs-Elysées. The Chancellor was greeted at Place Concorde in the heart of the capital by Prime Minister Édouard Philippe.

+++ 9.10 clock: man pees from bridge on excursion ship +++

An unappetizing joke has allowed a young man in Bamberg: He peed on Saturday from the Marienbrücke – directly on the deck of an underneath excursion ship. As the police announced on Sunday, the jet hit several passengers. The man acknowledged his actions accordingly with loud laughter. When the officers arrived, he and his two companions had already disappeared. After the Pinkler is now looking for.

+++ 09:04 clock: Amazon wants to create more than 2800 jobs in Germany +++

Amazon intends to create more than 2,800 new, permanent jobs in its more than 35 locations in Germany by the end of 2019. The number of employees rose to well over 20,000, announced the American online retailer. Also planned for this year is the opening of the 13th logistics center in Mönchengladbach. Germany CEO Ralf Kleber advertises with “excellent pay, excellent career opportunities and attractive additional benefits”. For years, the company has been in the grip of the Verdi union, which wants to reach a collective bargaining agreement with Amazon.

+++ 8.43 am: 6.6 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Australia +++

A serious earthquake hit the coast in northwestern Australia. The US earthquake station USGS gave the strength at 6.6. Accordingly, the quake occurred around 7:39 am CEST about 200 kilometers west of the Australian city of Broome at a depth of ten kilometers. As stated on the website of the Australian Meteorological Authority, there was no tsunami threat.

+++ 7.38 clock: dead at fire in sauna club – men take away fire brigades +++

A man was killed in a fire in a sauna club in Hamminkeln in Lower Rhine. Rescue workers had still tried to resuscitate the guest, as the police in Wesel announced. Nevertheless, the 64-year-old died on the spot. The building was almost completely destroyed. The police took three men in custody, which should have disturbed the extinguishing rate massively. According to the information, they took away the firefighting hoses from the firefighters to spray each other with water. The criminal police took over the investigation of the cause of the fire.

+++ 6 clock: US authorities give no all-clear for tropical storm “Barry” +++

The threat of Tropical Storm “Barry”, which sweeps over the US state of Louisiana, has not been banned, according to the authorities. On Saturday they warned of heavy rains and possible tornadoes. The feared widespread floods have so far remained. “Barry” had briefly reached hurricane strength. When he hit the US coast in Louisiana on Saturday, the storm had weakened again.

+++ 4.28 clock: Cuba's parliament votes for new electoral law +++

The Cuban parliament has passed a new electoral law dividing political power between the head of state and a head of government. The deputies voted unanimously for the new law. This reintroduced the post of prime minister, which was abolished in 1976. However, the one-party system in the socialist island state remains.

+++ 3.26 Clock: Massive power outage in New York +++

In much of New York's Manhattan district, power was down on Saturday. Around 42,000 people were cut off from the power supply in the early evening, as the energy provider Con Edison announced. The company did not comment on the cause of the breakdown. Underground stations were in the dark, the huge glowing billboards in Times Square were extinguished, and numerous traffic lights failed.

+++ 3.21 clock: Two dead children after tractor accident in the Allgäu +++

In the Allgäu, two children were hit by a tractor and killed. A ten-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl had traveled in Balderschwang (Oberallgäu district) on the tractor, police said. Because of a bump on the ground, they had fallen from the first findings of the tractor and were then rolled over by her. The police were on duty until late at night.

+++ 2.14 clock: measles vaccination obligation is to include refugee homes and childminders +++

According to a media report, the planned compulsory vaccination against measles should also include child minders and refugee homes. This is according to information from the “Bild am Sonntag” from the draft of the “law for the protection against measles and to strengthen the vaccination prevention” out. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to bring the draft therefore on Wednesday into the Cabinet.

+++ 1.30 clock: Klöckner: afforestation costs from experts view over 500 million +++

According to the CDU politician, the forest afforestation program demanded by Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner will cost more than half a billion euros. Klöckner reiterated his intention to finance the project via the German government's Climate Fund. He had never been fully exploited in previous years. According to the Department of Agriculture, several million trees are needed to offset the loss of 110,000 hectares of forest.

+++ 1.10 clock: Spain saves 141 refugees from the Mediterranean in one day +++

The Spanish Sea Rescue Service claims to have recovered more than 140 refugees from various Mediterranean boats in one day. One of the boats had already begun to sink on the way from Morocco to Spain, but all inmates could be rescued, said a spokesman for the news agency AFP. In the Strait of Gibraltar, the rescuers fetched 52 people from a crowded dinghy. The total of 141 refugees, including 28 women and three children, came from the sub-Saharan countries, according to the spokeswoman. They were taken to the ports of Almería and Algeciras.

Saturday, July 13:

+++ 20:59: Tens of thousands demonstrate again in Sudan's capital +++

Tens of thousands of demonstrators have called for justice in Sudan's capital Khartoum for dozens of people killed by security forces more than a month ago. In early June, security forces violently disbanded a sitting blockade in Khartoum and killed more than 120 people. The union federation SPA, the organizers of the mass protests of recent months, called for nationwide protests on Saturday. Demonstrators in Khartoum shouted slogans against the military leadership of the East African country.

In Sudan, the political situation has been turbulent for months. In April, long-time President Omar al-Bashir was overthrown by the military. The coup had been preceded by months of mass protests. As a result, the military and the opposition were fighting for the formation of a transitional government. Despite the massacre on 3 June, both sides agreed last week on a joint interim government, which should pave the way for new elections in three years.

+++ 19:59 clock: India launches the first moon mission +++

India starts its first moon mission on Sunday evening. A rocket is to transport the orbiter Chandrayaan-2, according to the Indian Space Agency of the island Andhra Pradesh into space. The orbiter has a landing module on board, which is to begin at the beginning of September at the south pole of the moon. A rover is then on the surface of the terrestrial satellite, among other things, looking for traces of water. If the mission succeeds, India would be the fourth country after the United States, Russia and China to succeed in landing on the moon.

+++ 19:45: Search for missing girl: Vatican reports find of two ossicles +++

In search of the daughter of a Vatican employee, who disappeared 36 years ago, the Vatican has reported a new find: Under the floor of the German Priest College in the Vatican, two ossuaries have been discovered, said Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti on Saturday. They are accessible through a trap door, which was sealed immediately after the discovery. That they contain the bones of the missing Emanuela Orlandi, however, is considered unlikely. At the request of Orlandi's family, the Vatican had Thursday open the graves of two princesses in the German Pilgrim Cemetery next to the Priest College. To their surprise, however, the tombs of the 19th century were completely empty. According to Vatican spokesman Gisotti, the two osses will be opened and inspected by Vatican investigators and representatives of the Orlandi family next Saturday.

The 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi had not returned home from music lessons on June 22, 1983. The case is considered one of the biggest puzzles in recent Italian criminal history. To Orlandi's disappearance was always new speculation and conspiracy theories, in which partly the Vatican plays a role.

+++ 19:04: London wants to release Iranian oil tankers against assurance +++

The dispute between London and Tehran over an Iranian oil tanker set up in Gibraltar has given the first signs of relief. British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt held out the prospect of the vessel being released by the authorities in the British Overseas Territory should Iran assert that the cargo is not destined for Syria. That said Hunt on Saturday after a telephone conversation with his Iranian counterpart Mohamed Jawad Sarif via short message service Twitter. Sarif has assured that Iran wants to solve the problem and does not seek escalation, Hunt said. A confirmation from Tehran for the information initially did not exist.

The authorities in Gibraltar and the British Royal Navy had arrested the supertanker “Grace 1” in Gibraltar last week on suspicion of illegal oil shipments to Syria. The captain and three other members of the crew were temporarily arrested, but have since been released on bail. Iran protested against the actions of the British authorities, ordered the ambassador several times and demanded that the ship be continued immediately. Iran denies that the oil supply was destined for Syria, but does not say what the target of the supertanker was instead.

+++ 17:34: tropical storm “Barry” upgraded to hurricane +++

Tropical Storm “Barry” has become a hurricane on its way to Louisiana. According to the US hurricane center, “Barry” approached 120 miles per hour of wind, making it the hurricane of the US state's lowest category. There he is likely to hit land during the day.

Once again, the hurricane center warned of heavy rains and floods in the area. Evacuations are already taking place in parts of Louisiana, and the state of emergency applies to the entire state.

Particularly at risk is the bordering on the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico City of New Orleans. There were already in the days before due to heavy rains to first floods. In August 2005, devastating hurricane Katrina flooded some 80 percent of New Orleans. Around 1800 people died then, hundreds of thousands had to leave their homes.

+++ 16:38: Coma patient Vincent Lambert buried in France in silence +++

In France, coma patient Vincent Lambert, who died on Thursday, has been secretly buried. At the memorial service on Saturday in Longwy in eastern France, all members of the family took part, who had delivered for the 42-year-olds life-sustaining measures for years a bitter legal dispute, as the family told the news agency AFP.

Before the cremation, the corpse had been autopsied, as the Reims public prosecutor's office had instituted a procedure to determine the exact cause of death. The results of the investigation will be announced later.

+++ 16:31 clock: Meuthen: AfD is not facing the split +++

The AfD chairman Jörg Meuthen has countered the impression that the party was due to the dispute over the right-wing national “wing” to Björn Höcke before the split. Forget it your dream dancer We will not split, “Meuthen said at the election campaign of AfD Brandenburg in Cottbus. He acknowledged that sometimes arguing in the AfD. That is democracy. “We are just not a devout chancellor's election club.” The AfD stood together “in the political fight against a Germany decomposition”. In Brandenburg, a new state parliament is elected on 1 September.

The Thuringian AFD faction leader and party right wing Höcke had attracted the wrath of many AfD politicians with a challenge to the party executive a week ago. In an appeal signed by more than 100 elected officials and officials “for a united and strong AfD”, which was published last Wednesday, it says: “With his speech at the Kyffhäuser meeting on Saturday Björn Höcke has violated the internal party solidarity and is Our backers and members have been in the back. ” Höcke was also expected in Cottbus.

+++ 16:01: Sea-Eye will go back to rescue mission in late July +++

The German aid organization Sea-Eye wants to go back in late July a rescue mission in the Mediterranean. The ship “Alan Kurdi” had now arrived in Mallorca to prepare for the next trip, tweeted the Regensburg organization. Between July 22nd and 24th, the crew wants to leave, said spokesman Gorden Isler.

News in video: Carola Rackete interrogates

The “Alan Kurdi” had recently rescued more than 60 migrants from Libya. Malta had agreed to allow people to land – they should be distributed to other EU countries. The ship is flying the German flag and is one of the few that is still active. Many other NGO ships are confiscated or arrested in Malta or Italy.

+++ 15:45: Union in Forsa survey strongest force +++

The Union has taken the sole lead in another poll. In the latest Forsa RTL / n-tv trend barometer, the Union remained at 26 percent compared to the previous week. However, since the Greens lost a point to 25 percent, take CDU and CSU now alone in first place. SPD and AfD (both 13 percent) each put one point, but the FDP loses one point and now comes to 7 percent. The left remained unchanged at 8 percent. After the high-altitude flight of the Greens, the Union is back in the league in most other survey institutes again.

+++ 14.59 clock: Right music event in the Saxon Markneukirchen dissolved +++

The authorities have resolved with the help of the police on Friday evening an illegal right-wing extremist music event in the Saxon Markneukirchen. Several court referrals were issued, because the 45 guests were reluctant to follow the call to leave, as the responsible police headquarters Zwickau announced. After that, there were two lawsuits because a man carried marks of unconstitutional organizations on his clothes and insulted officials on several occasions.

Representatives of the district office had previously found significant fire and structural defects in the locality. The police had been able to locate the place of the disguised as a private event until Friday night. A total of 45 officers were on duty, including the Chemnitz riot police.

+++ 14:47: Surveys point to AfD successes in all three Eastern elections +++

The three state elections in Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia should be according to the opinion polls to an AFD triumph. In Brandenburg and Saxony is elected on 1 September, in Thuringia on 27 October. The initial situation:

Brandenburg: Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) heads a red-red state government. Already since 2009 SPD and Left rule together. According to opinion polls, this alliance will no longer have a majority after the state election. The AfD is in the surveys at 19 to 21 percent and is thus at par with SPD and CDU.

Saxony: Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer and his CDU govern the Free State together with the SPD. Especially because of the weakness of the SPD, which came in the polls last only single-digit values, this black-red coalition after the election is predictable at the end. With values ​​of last 24 to 26 percent, the AfD can still hope to become the strongest force.

Thuringia: Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow is the first and so far only head of government of the Left Party. Since 2014, he heads a red-red-green coalition in the country, which was previously governed by CDU prime ministers. In polls, Red-Red-Green currently has no majority. With values ​​of 19 to 20 percent, the AfD is behind the CDU and the left.

Claudia Roth in the Bundestag

+++ 14.19 Clock: Chlorine gas outlet in swimming pool +++

In a swimming pool in Münster, several people were easily injured by a chlorine gas leak. As a fire department spokesman said, three bathers had been treated as ambulatory for respiratory problems and eye irritation. “In addition, also occasionally reported by telephone people who report eye irritation,” said the spokesman. If possible, he advised other people to report to the fire department and have them examined by a doctor.

The exit point in the basement of the swimming pool was sealed by the fire department. Around 80 task forces were involved. The cleaning work should continue until the afternoon. A cause for the gas leak was initially unknown.

+++ 13:23: Ankara accepts despite threatening US sanctions more S-400 missiles +++

Despite threats of US sanctions, Turkey received more S-400 anti-aircraft missiles from Russia on Saturday. “The fourth Russian aircraft with S-400 missile parts landed at Murted airport near Ankara,” said the Turkish Ministry of Defense in the short message service Twitter.

The purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missiles by Turkey has been causing disputes with the US for months. Washington fears that the installation of the Russian system at the NATO partner endangers the safety of its own aircraft. The US government therefore threatens not to supply Turkey with F-35 fighters. Turkish arms companies are involved in the production of the new jet fighter, and Ankara has ordered 116 aircraft. NATO too had expressed “concern” about the Turkish-Russian arms business.

+++ 12:39: The weather remains changeable and wet – occasional thunderstorms +++

It does not want to be really summery this weekend: According to the German Weather Service (DWD), the weather remains changeable and wet. Especially in the southeastern part of the day thunderstorms are possible on Sunday. Local heavy rainfall has to be reckoned with.

By contrast, many clouds can be seen from the North Sea to the central low mountain ranges, but there is hardly any rain, according to DWD figures. With maximum temperatures of between 16 and 23 degrees, meteorology is not enough for a summer's day – the thermometer would have to rise to at least 25 degrees.

By the beginning of the new week, however, showers and thunderstorms, according to DWD, will only be an exception limited to the Alps. Especially in the middle and in the south of Germany should be clearly more sun to see. The temperatures rise but only gradually: While it is rather fresh on the coasts with 18 degrees, the maximum values ​​for Germany are 20 to 24 degrees. Only along the Upper Rhine summer 26 degrees can be expected.

+++ 12.19 Clock: Government in Burundi extends control of the media +++

The human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has strongly condemned the appointment of high-ranking political official Eric Nshimirimana as head of Burundi's only public radio station. Nshimirimana's appointment as RTNB director pities “all victims of Imbonerakure's ill-treatment and press freedom in Burundi,” said Lewis Mudge, HRW's director for Central Africa, AFP news agency.

The UN classifies the youth organization of the governing party CNDD-FDD, called Imbonerakure, as militia and blames them for executions, kidnappings and torture. Since 2015, Nshimirimana is their leader. Human rights organizations accuse Imbonerakure of playing a key role in oppressing political opponents in Burundi. Government critics are in danger of being arrested, tortured or even murdered in the Central African country.

+++ 11:48: Merkel calls Hitler assassin “role model” +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for resolute opposition to right-wing extremism in view of the 75th anniversary of the failed Hitler assassination. July 20 is a memory of all those who opposed the rule of National Socialism, said Merkel in her video message. Luckily, there have been many of them. “Today, too, we are obliged to oppose all tendencies that want to destroy democracy.”

On July 20, 1944, Colonel Claus Schenk Count von Stauffenberg had tried to kill Adolf Hitler with a bomb. But the attempt to overthrow German officers failed, Hitler survived slightly injured. Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators were executed, a total of about 200 co-conspirators fell victim to Nazi justice.

Merkel described actors of the 20th of July as a role model. “Because they have shown that they follow their conscience, and thus they have shaped a part of the history of Germany, which was otherwise determined by the darkness of National Socialism.” Thank you: “Because our Basic Law might not have been able to do so without such deeds, we can build on the courage of these people today and be glad that this part of our history exists.”

+++ 11:23: Weather Service: “possibly” tornadoes in Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse +++

In the storms of Friday afternoon it came in Rhineland-Palatinate and in Hesse “possibly” also to tornadoes. Clearly, however, can not be determined at the present time, said a spokesman for the German Weather Service (DWD). Whether the thunderstorm in Bobenheim am Berg in southern Rhineland-Palatinate really was a tornado, the DWD Tornadobeauftragte must examine. This also applies to bad weather in the region around Mannheim as well as at Wetzlar in central Hesse, where descriptions of the severe weather had come after possibly too weak tornadoes. These thunderstorms, however, could be classified at the earliest on Monday.

According to police, eleven houses were damaged in part after massive gusts of wind in Bobenheim am Berg. The property damage is in the six-digit range. The state secretary of the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of the Interior, Nicole Steingaß, wanted to inform himself on Saturday about the extent of the damage.

+++ 11:17: US soldier killed in Afghanistan +++

In Afghanistan, a US soldier has been killed. The NATO mission “Resolute Support” in Kabul initially did not announce any details of the place or circumstances of his death. So far no group has claimed the killing of the soldier for himself. It is the tenth death of a member of the US Army in Afghanistan since the beginning of the year. Despite ongoing talks between the US and representatives of the radical Islamic Taliban to end the more than 17-year-long conflict, the extremists continue to attack Afghan and international troops on a daily basis nationwide.

+++ 11.14 Clock: At least 40 dead by monsoon rains in South Asia +++

After torrential monsoon rains and landslides, at least 40 people have died in South Asia over the past two days, according to the authorities. Particularly affected were the east and south of Nepal. There 27 people were killed. In the capital Kathmandu, three people died when a wall collapsed. According to Nepalese police spokesman Bishwaraj Pokharel, eleven people were injured and 15 others were missing.

“Our priority now is life-saving operations, and all our forces are in action,” said Umakanta Adhikari, a representative of the Home Office, the AFP news agency. Floods flooded entire settlements in Nepal. The police took residents by boat to safety. The Nepalese weather agency called on Saturday the highest alert for the river Sapta Koshi in the south of the country.

+++ 10.24 clock: number of deaths rises after attack in Somalia on 26 +++

An attack on a hotel in the Somali port city of Kismayo has increased the death toll to at least 26. Among those killed are also two US citizens, one British, one Canadian, three Tanzanians and three Kenyans, said the president of the semi-autonomous region of Jubaland in southern Somalia. In addition, at least 56 people had been injured during the several-hour attack by Islamists.

+++ 10.20 am: Stop on hotel in Somalia ended – at least 15 victims +++

Security forces in Somalia have ended a terrorist attack on a hotel after about ten hours. The attackers killed at least 15 people, police officer Mohamed Hussein said. Even during the attack on Friday evening in the port city of Kismayo, the terrorist group Al-Shabaab had claimed the attack on the radio station Al-Andalus for themselves.

+++ 09.30 clock: New Zealanders give four months after attack on mosques their weapons +++

Dozens of New Zealanders have given up their weapons as part of a government program four months after a right-wing double-stop, 51 deaths. The first of more than 250 planned gatherings took place on Saturday in the city of Christchurch, where a right-wing assassin opened fire on believers in two mosques in March. The goal is “to take the most dangerous weapons out of the circulation,” said police minister Stuart Nash. The action was monitored by armed police, 169 gun owners made 224 weapons and 217 parts and accessories weapons, which were then destroyed in a hydraulic press. More than 433,000 New Zealand dollars (€ 257,000) were paid in compensation.

+++ 9 clock: police, fire and vet chase cattle in the rush hour +++

Animal use: A freewheeling cattle has spent several hours on Friday evening in Aschaffenburg (Bavaria) police, fire department and a veterinarian. The animal had broken out on the way to the slaughterhouse, said a police spokesman. Several patrol cars, the fire department and a veterinarian first tried in vain to recapture the fleeting cattle. The rail traffic at the South Station was discontinued. In addition, the police blocked several streets. “Due to the spectacular use it came to hindrances in the rush hour traffic.” After several hours of hunting, the veterinarian was able to numb the cattle. “Police and firefighters captured it with ropes,” the spokesman said. The approximately 700-pound animal was returned to the slaughterhouse.

+++ 6:50: Media: Prosecutor accuses US billionaire Epstein witness interference +++

The US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexual abuse of minors reportedly tried to bribe potential witnesses. The investment banker has paid a total of 350,000 dollars (310,000 euros) to two persons who could testify against him, US media reported on Friday, citing the New York prosecutor. Thus, in November and December 2018, a payment of $ 100,000 and another of $ 250,000 went to two persons allegedly involved in the case. The approach and especially the timing indicated that the 66-year-old had tried to “influence” the witnesses, the New York Times quoted the prosecution. Epstein is said to have sexually abused dozens of minors and instigated prostitution

+++ 5.02 Clock: At least 17 dead in landslides and flooding in Nepal +++

Monsoon rains have caused landslides and flooding in Nepal, killing at least 17 people. Another seven people were missing, the authorities said in Kathmandu. The days of rain hit the capital and the east of the country and caused many rivers to overflow. The landslides also blocked at least ten highways, according to the National Civil Protection Center.

+++ 4.46 clock: raids in hookah bars in the district Mettmann +++

In Langenfeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, police, customs and law enforcement authorities have controlled shisha bars, restaurants and a betting shop in a large-scale campaign. Of the seven restaurants reviewed, three were shut down on Saturday night. All seven are considered as a meeting place for people who are related to clan crime, police said.

+++ 4 clock: Government: No new law needed for access to smart home devices +++

According to the Federal Government, access by security authorities to data from smart home devices is also possible without a new legal regulation. The Federal Ministry of the Interior, responding to a small request from the FDP Group, stated that “the Federal Government does not consider that the networked devices in question are a new class of equipment that is not covered by the existing legal framework.” The Federal Data Protection Commissioner Ulrich Kelber sees it differently. He spoke in this context recently of a “constitutionally questionable competence extension”.

+++ 0.37 clock: Facebook must according to report billion penalty for data protection scandal +++

Due to serious data breaches, Facebook has to pay a $ 5 billion (€ 4.4 billion) fine in a US media report. The US consumer protection agency FTC voted in favor of a billion-dollar settlement, as the “Wall Street Journal” reported on Friday. Last year, the FTC launched an investigation into a possible violation of the Group's commitment to more privacy in 2011.

+++ 0.22 clock: “Victory Heil” call in police station – criminal complaint against Erfurt +++

A man has said goodbye to his friends at a police station in Erfurt with a loud “Sieg Heil” and therefore has to answer in a criminal case. The police-known 30-year-old lifted his left arm – his right was not moving because of a plaster cast, police said. An arrest warrant had been issued for the man before the incident, and he had come to the office with friends on Friday afternoon to meet. As a farewell to his friends, the 30-year-old called the unconstitutional greeting. Because of the arrest warrant, the man was taken to a prison. The use of a mark of unconstitutional organizations is up to three years imprisonment. The police dubbed it a press release with “Dumber always goes”.

+++ 0.03 clock: hearing of US special investigator Mueller postponed Congress before +++

The statement planned for next week by US special investigator Robert Mueller before the Congress has been postponed according to media reports. The interviews originally scheduled for Wednesday in the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees of the House of Representatives would not take place and might be rescheduled on July 24.


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