Next August 10 we will know more about the new Call of Duty

Any other year Activision would have come to the fore during the E3 and announced the new installment of Call of Duty for this year, however, and due to the health crisis caused by the COVID-19, it seems that the strategies of marketing And ads have changed the way they are presented. We have seen it with many online conferences from our things or how developers are hiding or dropping little pearls about what they are going to show next. This last case is that of Activision with its acclaimed and world-renowned action saga.

On the one hand, One of the most popular Call of Duty fan sites has received a mysterious package that implores it not to be opened until August 10 at 6:00 p.m. (Spanish time on the peninsula). This announcement has come from the hand of the Twitter account Call of Duty News:

A new Call of Duty announcement will arrive this August 10

Also, along with the news that Activision will soon unveil its next installment and that in other conditions it would have already been revealed, sets off alarms about whether or not they will show a preview of the new chapter of the series. Of course, the networks have been fanned by the pyrotechnics of marketing that Activision has arranged and all the brushstrokes that are outlined little by little.

But there is still more, several users have reported the appearance of mysterious messages during their games to Call of Duty: Warzone, reminding of the aesthetic flashback de los Black Ops. These messages seem to be displayed very quickly and it is difficult to notice all the details, but there are already many users who have reported them and the medium GameSpot has confirmed his appearance during one of his games.

Call of Duty - Message 1

These messages launch the warning “Know your story” and they are followed by other failed messages in Russian, which fuels suspicions of a new Black Ops or that the theme is focused on the events that occurred during the cold war, as pointed out by various media through different rumors that each time they seem to take on more consistency.

Call of Duty - Message 2

The only thing that is clear here is that On August 10 at 6:00 p.m. there will be new information from Activision and everything indicates that it will be related to the next Call of Duty, and from Xbox Generation we hope to tell you all the news. And I hope the news is worth celebrating, especially after the great work behind the latest installment in the series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which has welcomed one of the battle royale of the moment, WarZone, which just premiered its fifth season plus, will connect with future installments of the saga.

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