“Next time will they impale you directly?” – Free Daily

Mario Giordano controversial towards the government. The conductor of Out of the core, the program broadcast on Rete 4, has never hidden its disapproval of the new restrictions imposed by Mario Draghi and ministers. So, pending the formalization of the new Dpcm, it chirps with vitriol. “Without the Green pass, no pension. The government of the best reaches another memorable milestone on the road to freedom. What will the next step be? Without the green pass they take your house away? The savings? OR they impale you directly? “. Unlike what was expected, the green certificate will also be required to collect the pension.

A rule that Giordano does not really go down. The journalist’s position is clear and reiterated in previous tweets: “Necessary measures? Draghi will explain tonight why the contagion curve drops in Great Britain, Sweden or South Africa without the need to kill right and freedom? If he doesn’t, we’ll do it tomorrow night. Anyone who doesn’t scream is an accomplice. “Because of his ideas, Giordano was at the center of several rumors: everyone was giving his program very close to closing.

“There are those who swear – wrote Giuseppe Candela – that, net of the denials of the case, the transmission may not last long. Could it be true? “. The background spoke of discontent on the upper floors due to the presence of No vax in the program. Out of the core it aired as usual on 11 January and is preparing for a long edition until June.

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