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O’Monstro, Director of Sports.

After Nasser al-Khelaïfi’s statements on the direction PSG is taking, the vagueness around Neymar’s situation gives some ideas. Former defender of the capital club Thiago Silva, now at Chelsea, is campaigning for the arrival of his ex-teammate and friend in England. Asked by the Brazilian newspaper The globethe 37-year-old rock explicitly invites the Parisian star to leave PSG for Chelsea: « Il (Neymar) must go to Chelsea. If he has to leave, he has to go there. Neymar’s qualities speak for themselves. And on top of that, he’s a great friend. I hope it will come true and that it will not remain only in the newspapers. » Anyway, there are not 36 clubs capable of hosting Neymar.

If Thiago Silva really liked PSG, he would have said the same for Kurzawa and Draxler.

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