NFL Week 3 notes: Historic Dolphins display, Cowboys skid and a dugout for Sean Payton and his Broncos

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The third week of competition confirmed, as we already assumed, that San Francisco and Philadelphia They are the two teams that have the most options to go far in the National Conference. Two teams in trouble, Chargers y Bengalsadded their first win of the season, while the big surprise came from Arizonawhere the Cardinals surprisingly won about Cowboys whom no one imagined playing against an a priori affordable rival. The Dolphins…the Dolphins just coasted through one of the greatest offensive displays in recent memory. We analyze it all in a new episode of The Touchdown.

Even though it was expected, it is no less spectacular. Beating Denver was within the foreseeable future, but scoring seventy points in the NFL is almost impossible, and the Dolphins’ attack has shown in three weeks that, with Tua in charge, it is capable of beating any defensive scheme, for example. good that it is. Without Waddle, McDaniel crushed the Broncos with a performance of his running game that will go down in history. Two runners with four total touchdowns each? Seeing is believing.

Young team, new coach and a rookie quarterback, with a low profile, who doesn’t seem to want to attract too much attention. Without many starters, the Texans’ first weeks leave very good feelings. The team competes, there is talent to continue growing, and the lack of pressure can make them a dangerous rival within a division that is more open and unpredictable than it seems. Will they win the division? Probably not. But maybe they could end up being to blame for someone else not winning it either.

They had to win and they won. It wasn’t easy for the Chargers to win in Minnesota. Like every week, his game had drama, suspense, mistakes everywhere and a decision by Staley, a fourth down of his own, that could have gone down in history and sent him directly to the employment office. But this time the coin fell on his side. And a team that wins is a team that does its homework in a competition as tough every week as the NFL.

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