NHC De IJssel in mourning after the death of Tijmen Droog (38): ‘He was one of the supporting forces’ | Top stories regional sport Rotterdam

Passion, energy and fun. These are three words that best describe Tijmen Droog. ,,Tijmen has done a lot for De IJssel from an early age”, says board member and one of his best friends Jorit Schoumans. “From the party committee to the referee. Together with three other boys, he was one of the driving forces behind the renovation of our current clubhouse. It earned the foursome the appointment of meritorious member. Because of those four members we have had to outsource very little. They have been busy all summer and have demolished and renovated the clubhouse. Tim was happy to help.”

Tijmen Droog played hockey at NHC De IJssel throughout his youth and also played for many years in various senior teams. He committed himself to the club at a young age and performed many volunteer tasks. For example, the Nieuwerkerker was active as a referee on Saturday. ,,Tijmen whistled on Saturday and played hockey himself on Sunday”, says Schoumans. Indoor hockey was his passion. For many years he whistled at the highest level in the majors. Due to a shoulder injury, he has not whistled for the last two years.”

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