NHL | A wonderful shot and the seventh defeat in a row. McDavid searches in vain for luck in the playoffs

“We have come to damage and win matches,” said Slovenian captain Anže Kopitar in Kings Rogers Place.

At the very end, the Oilers were sunk by the goalkeeper Mike Smith, whose awkward pass led to a situation after which a decisive goal was scored. The 40-year-old goalkeeper, who ended the basic part with nine wins, prevented the arrival of Alex Iafall with a desperate jump, but he was no longer able to react to Phillip Danault’s run.

“I wanted something to happen. And apparently I was trying to do too much there,” Smith explained the unfortunate decision.

The Oilers didn’t think of anything in the remaining five minutes, losing the seventh duel of the playoffs in a row, which they added to the two defeats with Chicago from the 2020 qualifying round and last year’s sad series with Winnipeg.

The blame for the unexpected crash was blamed on the Oilers’ biggest stars the previous year. McDavid and Leon Draisaitl scored the Jets in just three goals, the rest of the team did not join and Edmonton fled through the back door.

“Beauty is not played in the playoffs,” said Oilers coach Jay Woodcroft before the series with Kings.

However, McDavid misled him with an extraordinary action at the end of the first period.

“Connor can make something out of nothing,” Danault said.

“In the end, it was decided by one rebound,” lamented the winner of the scoring base.

In the playoffs, McDavid has experienced only one winning streak with Edmonton. In 2017 against the Sharks. Of the other three, the Oilers turned away as losers. And they didn’t step on the right foot against the Kings either.

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