NHL | Offer for a Czech NHL coach. The communication took place, admits Eliáš

The club decided to change part of the implementation team around coach Lindy Ruff, and Eliáš was supposed to be one of those approached by Tom Fitzgerald.

“There was an exchange of three assistant coaches, so there was only communication about how I see it with my family for next year, if we stay in the Czech Republic, that he would be happy if I were involved in the daily work of the team,” reveals the 46-year-old native of Třebíč.

Will Varaď still train in the Czech Republic and why did Sparta prefer coach Hořava. Contribution from the program Příklep.Video: Sport.cz

However, family life in his native country was given priority. “We decided to stay in the Czech Republic and therefore agreed that my position will continue as a consultant,” adds Eliáš.

In Příklep with moderators Honza Homolka and Martin Kézr, however, the possibility that Eliáš would appear in the NHL in the future alongside Václav Varadi, who is currently without a job after negotiations with Sparta failed, is discussed. You can find more in the video from Příklep. You can play the entire program produced by Sport.cz as a podcast.

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