NHL: Vegas Golden Knights about to enter final series

Fan anger causes the game to be interrupted

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The Vegas Golden Knights take the next big step toward the Stanley Cup Finals. Disgruntled home fans in Dallas cause game to be suspended.

The Vegas Golden Knights took the next big step towards the Stanley Cup Finals by securing three match points.

The Golden Knights also prevailed 4-0 in the third game of the best-of-seven series against the Dallas Stars. This means that the Edmonton Oilers quarter-finalists, led by Leon Draisaitl, only need one win to move into the final series of the NHL playoffs.

After the decision in the first two duels was only made in extra time, Vegas didn’t let anything go wrong in the first guest appearance in Texas.

Golden Knights’ NHL lightning start makes Dallas fans go wild

With a lightning start, Jonathan Marchessault (2nd), Ivan Barbaschow (6th) and William Carrier (8th) set the course for victory early on, in the second third Alex Pietrangelo (29th) took care of the final score.

The disgruntled home fans in Dallas vented their anger in the second half. Objects were thrown onto the ice surface at the American Airlines Center, causing the game to be temporarily suspended.

On Friday night, the Golden Knights now have the chance to reach their second series of finals in the still young franchise history after 2018. The Florida Panthers would probably be waiting there, who also had a 3-0 lead against the Carolina Hurricanes in the East semi-finals.

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