Nicaragua completes its exit from "infamous organization called OAS"

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The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega has made effective his withdrawal from the Organization of American States (OAS) two years after the denunciation of the inter-American letter. In those days the fraudulent presidential elections took place, won by the Sandinista leader after imprisoning seven opposition candidates and imposing false rivals tailored to him.

“We are withdrawing definitively, now We are not members of that infamous body called OAS, interventionist organization of the decadent unipolar and hegemonic government of the USA. The OAS remains the Colonial Ministry designed and organized by the North American power to cover up its aggressive actions,” said the Foreign Ministry headed by the minister Denis Moncada.

The Pan-American entity “deeply” regretted the departure of Nicaragua, but he reminded him that this does not stop him from fulfilling his obligations. Seven months ago, the OAS offices in Managua They were forcibly occupied and expropriated by the regime.

Since the popular rebellion of 2018 was repressed with blood and fire by the Sandinista revolution, the OAS censures against the Managua regime have continued, which in turn has strengthened its ties with its “sisters” Cuba y Venezuela, in addition to with Russia y China.

“This decision does not exonerate her from her human rights obligations. The human rights system continues to have jurisdiction to judge the very serious violations committed by the Ortega regime until yesterday,” he recalled. Juanita Goebertus, director for the Americas of Human Rights Watch (HRW). Currently, and despite the exile of more than 200 political prisoners, the dictatorship keeps close to a hundred political prisoners in prison. Among them stands out the rebel bishop Rolando Alvarez, who has refused to leave his country on up to three occasions.

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