“Nicha” worried about “Tono” working hard, admin hospital, smiling sweet people not stuck calling a girlfriend

“Nicha” worried about “Tono” working hard, admin hospital, smiling sweet people not stuck calling a girlfriend

It is a couple that has no status restrictions, but the action is very clear for “Nicha Natthanicha Dangwattanawanich” and the young “Tono Phakin”, the latest with a cute clip that the girl “Nicha” Sleeping and watching the men while admin at the hospital makes the fans happy and can’t be afraid.

Recently, at the ceremony to open the camera for the movie “Mali” (Beautiful Fighter), the girl “Nicha” revealed that…

“I didn’t sleep. just visit But that day, I’m working very tired. Noo is getting better. discharged from the hospital Today I went to Khon Kaen. Go to the conservation project to meet the children at the school in Khon Kaen. I’m worried about him. But I can understand why he has to practice a lot. or have to do many All at the same time, I can understand that sometimes the body may demand that I take a break. Well, in fact, some things require real practice like swimming. But he might have to take care of himself in other ways.”

“He had a sore throat and his fever was high. He didn’t sleep because of the concert that he went on touring 3 provinces, it was very late and had to use a lot of noise. It’s normal. But this time, it might be the body that he’s already practicing hard, begging or not, it’s normal, I don’t know either. No need to feed him, he can eat by himself. We just bought souvenirs to visit.”

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“I feel sorry for him because I know he has to do more things. After getting sick, many people have to go to Khon Kaen and continue doing ‘Kak Rak’. I feel a bit worried.”

“Is it a cute couple? I think it’s normal. but will call I think it’s normal, if we’re worried about someone, we would want to go visit them and go see them. (Worried about your boyfriend?) Worried about him. The younger brother sitting there recorded the clip. We saw that we loved it, so we kept it.”

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