Nick Cotric did not hit the "spear lance": Ricky Stuart labeled the ejection very well


Ricky Stuart stated that Nick Cotric should not have been expelled despite the dangerous launch on the center of Draghi Tim Lafai.

Stuart was fired during the post-match press conference, saying he believed Cotric was on the move because "at the moment there is a lot of noise regarding fair play".

"I don't think it was a foul, it was an accident," he said.

"Anyone who thinks it's a spear, doesn't know about the rugby league game.

"It was not intentional, but [the tackle] if it got away a little and I understand it, it's an accident.

"The boy [Lafai] played, Nick has no malice in him at all.

"It ended up with him in the wrong part of this, as far as he was expelled. I just thought it was very hard.

"My heart turned to him because I know how much it will hurt."

Stuart said the Raiders would fight the issue once the game was reviewed on Monday.


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