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of 25.11.2018 22:30

The German Nico Rosberg regrets that Fernando Alonso has denied his last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi: "I think it's a pity that the Formula 1 Sport has lost a driver like that."

Nico Rosberg flew to Arabia as a Formula 1 expert for his colleagues at RTL and Sky Sports. Abu Dhabi was the last Grand Prix of the 33 year old German almost a day exactly two years ago, now the World Cup final has been goodbye to Fernando Alonso. The difference: Rosberg announced his retirement only a few days after the end of the season, Alonso has known for a long time that he will not drive Formula 1 in 2019.

The 23-time GP Rosberg winner talks about the 32-time GP winner Fernando Alonso: "It's a pity that the Formula 1 Sport has lost a driver like that. It's so sad for me because I have not been able to fight for victory in the last few years. Instead, it was at the back of the starting field. He has always been one of the best drivers, "said Rosberg in the Spanish brand." We would all have preferred to struggle with Verstappen and Hamilton, it would have been fantastic. The fact that he does not have a good car makes me very sorry. I had a lot more luck there and a victorious car to the end. "

"We rarely met track bikes on the track. When he had his best years, I arrived in Formula 1 with Williams and I was not in the lead. Then it was the opposite: when I received a Mercedes capable of driving a World Cup, its cars were not so good.

"It was always a pleasure to see him at work, a true racetrack gladiator, he always showed exciting races, if you had to steam him for a word, then this: fighter Alonso, you've always known he will give everything in every round."

Nico met Fernando shortly thereafter, the two exchanged a few words, but Rosberg says: "From Monday, another existence begins for him. You're a Formula 1 driver for half your life, and then from a minute to the next you have to learn to live without Formula 1. It's not that easy. "

"There's no right or wrong time for a goodbye, everyone has to get close to him and decide which is right for him."

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