Nicolas Cage taken for a homeless, fired from a bar barefoot and drunk: a distressing video unveiled

But what happens to Nicolas cage ? The iconic Hollywood actor, seen Ghost Rider, 60 seconds flat, The associates Where Lord of War, was recently filmed completely drunk at a restaurant in Las Vegas. The video published by the English tabloid The Sun September 24, 2021 shows the star in a sorry state, slumped on a sofa …

Totally drunk and bearded, dressed in astonishing leopard pants and a dirty T-shirt, Nicolas Cage would have chained the glasses before becoming aggressive with the staff of the establishment. In the images, we also see a woman who tries somehow to get him out of the bar. In a daze, staggering and screaming, the 57-year-old actor left without shoes, after trying to put on his sandals, to no avail.

A source, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Sun : “We were at this bar at Lawry’s when we noticed what we first thought was a completely drunk and rowdy homeless man. To our astonishment, it was Nicolas Cage. He was completely drunk and was fighting with the staff. He was in terrible shape and was walking around without shoes. Staff told us he had been drinking shots of tequila and Macallan whiskey 1980.”

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