The Eagles of the America They have always remained as a team that fights for the first places, since the competitiveness required by the largest institution in Mexico, forces us to always seek to win the championships. Unfortunately in the last final, we stayed on the shore when we won the long-awaited title.

Our players failed at key moments, since in the penalty shootout, we were not accurate when we should have been. One of the footballers who failed was the striker Nicolás Castillo, which broke the silence about what happened in the last final.

I like to always be the first, because I feel that the first gives confidence to the team and I failed to be penalized. It all came down on me.

The stadium was beautiful to be champion and today I have it in my head. It’s not easy to forget those things

Nicolás Castillo

In this way we realize that Nico feels indebted for this situation, for which we are sure that he will return stronger than ever and will give us many joys in the future. Castillo continues to recover little by little and we hope that when he returns, he will show us his best level.

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