Nicole Daza, because Marcell Jacobs’ partner is famous

Who is Nicole Daza and why is the partner (and future wife) of Marcell Jacobs? Fashion girl and influencer, she was born in Ecuador and later moved to Novi Ligure, where she grew up. For the moment, he lives in Rome with the Olympic athlete and their two children, Anthony e Megan. World fame came when Jacobs shone (to say the least) at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Despite her young age, Nicole has already known love in an all-encompassing way. “With Marcell, we shared everything from the first moment where we got together. Good and bad things, successes and falls, from which he came back stronger each time ”. From the blue triumph to the altar, however, the dream came true in a short time. After all, Marcell had promised Nicole to take the plunge (the marriage proposal arrived on the occasion of Jacobs’ 27th birthday).

Raised in Novi Ligure, she chose to move to Rome to stay by her partner’s side. Little is known about her: she is an apparently simple girl, a lover of sports. He admitted to train three times a week, constantly, and to appreciate physical activity.

A The Gazzetta dello Sport, revealed in an interview that he follows a very correct diet, as well as indulging in a few sessions of Pilates. “Over time I have learned how important it is to take care of your body to feel good about yourself”. One of his favorite dishes is ceviche, which among other things he recommends to everyone.

Deeply in love with her family, she got to work at the Serravalle Scrivia Outlet in the province of Alessandria. To understand who Nicole Daza really is, just take a look at hers official profile on Instagram. There are many shots that portray her with Marcell (indeed, they are the majority). Always happy and with a wonderful smile to surround her face, she is extremely dedicated to the family: photos of children, birthday parties and very sweet family moments stand out.

Finally, there is no shortage of travel photos and wonderful outfits: after all, fashion is a great passion of hers, and it shows. She defines herself as a “fashion girl“, And is represented by an agency that is also very active in the film market. Finally, among his interests, it is impossible not to mention tattoos: after all, he proudly sports several on his body (and they are very cool).

Nicole Daza

Nicole Daza


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