Nicole Neumann’s strong response upon learning of Fabián Cubero’s decision: “One more stripe to the tiger”

Nicole Neumann spoke after Cubero revoked her permission to go abroad with her daughters

There is no respite for Nicole Neumann y Fabian Cubero. They separated in 2017 after five years of relationship, and despite the fact that each one managed to rebuild their sentimental life, they cannot have a peaceful coexistence for the upbringing of their daughters. Indiana, Allegra y Sienna. The long weekend, the model traveled with her boyfriend Manu Urcera and his daughters to San Martín de los Andes; while the former soccer player was in Mendoza to attend a paddle tennis tournament, accompanied by Little Viscount and his son Luca. And when he returned to Buenos Aires, a new conflict broke out.

Approached by a cell phone intrudersNicole showed her joy for a new trip to the city of Neuquén, which they had already visited during the winter holidays and to which they returned taking advantage of the fact that the pilot had no commitments to car racing. “Girls love it”explained the driver, who documented the brief stay on her social networks, where the family was seen enjoying the attractions in the snow.

Nicole Neumann with her daughters Indiana, Allegra and Sienna during her getaway to San Martín de los Andes

But his countenance changed when the chronicler Alexander Guatti consulted her about the decision that Fabián Cubero would have taken to revoke permission for the girls to travel abroad. “I have no idea, I got off the plane vacation and straight to work. I am not aware of anything”said the jury The 8 million stepsseeking to avoid the answer and quickening his pace until he reached his truck.

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At the insistence of the chronicler, Nicole assured that “when the time comes when we have to go abroad, I will surely check that. But if so, what does one more stripe do to the tiger?”, he closed sharply, and alluding to the inconveniences with her ex-partner when coordinating issues related to her daughters.

Once inside the vehicle, Neumann gave his version of what could happen in the future: “I have no ideas about what I don’t know if it’s a reality or not. Everything has a solution, but I can only talk about myself, it is difficult to talk about the other“, he claimed. And when asked if she felt that peace was far away, she was final: “My feelings… Here are the facts the reality. The facts speak for themselves”.

Mica Viciconte, Fabián Cubero and little Luca
Mica Viciconte, Fabián Cubero and little Luca

The information on this new conflict was presented by Love Peñoño in the program America. “Fabián Cubero decided again, because he had already done so on other occasions, to revoke Nicole’s permission to take her daughters out of the country. He appeared at a Migration delegation to revoke this permit they had, “ pointed out the chronicler, who added that the model has planned a trip to Europe in the short term.

The war between the former would have been revived after a video that Nicole uploaded to Instagram during the past vacations in San Martin de los Andes in which his daughter Sienna is seen walking along a path. “Watch out! don’t fall down please”, the model is heard, which caused a reaction from Viciconte. “What you think is funny, is totally the opposite. Instead of filming her, help her cross a place that is risky. Prevent before curing. It falls from there could happen to adults. Let’s take care of minors, it’s serious, be aware “wrote the Ariel panelist in her sauce on her social networks.

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Asked about these statements, Cubero said his thing in intruders: “I do not go out to make statements about anything and when something happens, it never happens to me, it happens on the other side,” he said about the eternal fight between Mica and Nicole. “I saw the video when I was alone. But I have nothing more to say. I cannot take responsibility or responsibility for that. I am when I’m with them. When they’re with mom, they’re with mom”, added the former soccer player.


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