“Nida Al-Watan”: The return of the smuggling line to Syria inflames chicken prices

The chicken smuggling market from Akkar to Syria has regained its activity; After it had stopped in the past few months, which called at the time for relief in the consumer market and a decrease in the price of a kilo of chicken and cutlets of all kinds, people turned to chicken and eggs after a reluctance.

The relief in the market for selling chickens and broilers in the past, which brought the price of a kilo to less than 25 thousand pounds and the price of a carton of eggs to the limits of 40,000 or less, did not last long, as prices rose again in the past days and the price of a kilo of chicken exceeded 32 thousand pounds and the pieces The 40 thousand pounds, while the price of a carton of eggs exceeded 65 thousand pounds, with a slight difference in prices between one store and another and between one merchant and another.

On the other hand, the price of a kilo of chicken reached 30 thousand pounds from his farm, and before transportation prices were added to it, and then the seller’s profit and so on, emphasizing that the owners of farms these days do not care much about the owners of the shops and their daily needs and do not need the market, especially since the external market Specifically inside Syria, it returned to activity strongly after a hiatus. Nidaa Al-Watan learned from one of the traders in the region that the owners of production farms have recently resumed the activity of smuggling chicken shipments into Syria, where the market needs large quantities of them, especially in this period when productive farms there are witnessing a decrease in the number of birds that did not It meets the needs of the Syrian market. Since the market is a supply and a demand, the increasing demand for it from the Syrian interior has focused the attention of the northern production farms towards the Syrian market, which today receives most of the northern and non-northern Lebanese production, while the payment for these is obtained in dollars, which led to an increase in prices in the Lebanese market. Especially in Akkar and the north like this.”

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One of the owners of a broiler shop in Akkar confirmed, “The new rise in prices is worrying for them, as well as for the consumer who refuses to buy chicken at this price, while the owner of the broiler shop has become apprehensive about buying large quantities for fear of not being able to dispose of them, while a number of them resort to this Days to buy small and limited quantities from farms so that no bird sleeps from day to day, especially since the possibility of cooling is not available due to the continuing power outages, amid a state of indifference to us and to the citizen by farm owners and senior traders in the region, who do not hesitate to complain and complain about The rise in the prices of fuel oil and fodder, while they benefited from the subsidized materials from the Lebanese enclave to sell their production abroad.

In the face of these new data, the Ministry of Economy and the relevant security services do not seem to have any trace in the attempt to reset the local market for the benefit of the consumer, not even in terms of preventing the smuggling taking place, so that chaos continues to control this and other files.


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