Nigel Farage TRAPPED on the Brexit Party bus while being targeted by men with shakes | Policy | news


Mr Farage's visit to Rochester, Kent, was destroyed by three young people deemed ready to attack the Brexit Party leader with shakes. The trio, dressed in black with a balaclava-covered face, was spotted by eagle-eyed supporters in the back of the crowd waiting for Mr Farage to leave his bus.

One of the Brexit Party supporters immediately warned the deputy's staff, who urged Mr Farage not to get off the bus as a pre-emptive measure to avoid another shower milkshake.

The pilot Michael Botton explained: "There are a couple of guys standing there with their milkshakes, who were about to throw them at him.

"But the police are there, we have identified them and now Nigel does not get off the bus."

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A Kent Live reporter, Will Rider, confirmed that Farage remained on the bus for a long time after being warned of the danger he was facing.

And when he finally got off the bus, he stopped only for a very short period of time to talk to his supporters.

The reporter wrote: "In the end he came out, but he only came down a meter away and talked to some supporters.

"He returned to the bus very quickly.

"In all other places he stopped and walked along the main road.

"C & # 39; was a Brexit stable in this street but he did not visit it, if n & # 39; he went and everyone left now."

Mr. Farage was thrown a milkshake on Monday while his campaign track stopped in Newcastle.

The man who believed he was the attacker, Paul Crowther, 32, had been labeled "Radicalized Eemainer" by Mr. Farage, who had remained in his milkshake-clad husband's dress.

He later tweeted: "Unfortunately, some others have become radicalized, to the point that the normal election campaign is becoming impossible.

"For a civil democracy to work, the consent of the losers is needed, the politicians who do not accept the result of the referendum have led us to this."

He was accused of assault and common criminal damage related to the microphones of the leader of the Brexit Party on Tuesday.

The milkshake attack at Mr Farage followed two similar assaults against it Carl Benjamin of Ukip is the former leader of the British Defense League Tommy Robinson at the beginning of this month.


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