Nigerian star Emmanuel Emoniki arrives in Cairo to train the clearing


Emmanuel Emoniki, former coach of the Tanzania national team, arrived in Cairo to take over the technical leadership of the clearing team during the coming period.

The Board of Directors of the Clearinghouse, headed by Major General Mohamed Abdel Salam, decided to appoint Emoniki to succeed Ahmed Hossam Mido, who was thanked for the poor results, the last of which was the loss of Pyramids by three goals to one.

Emoniki landed at the clearing company’s Land Mark Company at the 5th settlement before meeting with clearing officials and signing training contracts for the Fayoumi team.

It has not been decided whether Emoniki will take over the clearing from the next match, or postpone his assignment to take over until the first round is over and obtain an adequate impression of the team and the players before the start of the mission.

Emoniki is the first African coach with brown skin to work in Egypt, after it was preceded by a pair of white-skinned Algerian Khair al-Din Mudawi and Tunisian Nasr al-Din Nabi, who took on the training of Ismaili.

He has a great training biography, as he led Nigeria under 17 years to win the U-17 World Cup in Chile in 2015..

The Nigerian eagle went through a training experience in the Sudanese Club of Khartoum and achieved good results with its qualifications to take over as Technical Director for the Tanzania team in August 2018 to succeed coach Salom Mayanga and succeeded in climbing to the African Cup of Nations held in Cairo for the first time in 40 years and achieved a huge boom in the Tanzanian ball.

The clearing is currently fifteenth with 11 points from 14 games and is struggling to drop equally with the teams of Vanguards of the Army and the club of Egypt, who are sixteenth and seventeenth, and Emmanuel holds the UEFA license for the European Union, the highest training license in the world, he holds Spanish nationality and is married to a Spanish and has two children .



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