Night Defending Chelsea, Reece James Champions League Champion Medal stolen by thieves

Through CCTV, there were at least four thieves who broke into James’s house when the player appeared 90 minutes in Chelsea’s win over Zenit in the UCL.

Home full-back Chelsea, Reece James, was attacked by thieves on Tuesday (14/9) local time. As a result, he lost a number of valuable items including medals.

The thieves got away with the Champions League and Super Cup medals that James won with Chelsea, as well as medals runner-up with England at Euro 2020.

At the time of the incident, James was defending Chelsea in a 1-0 win over Zenit in their Champions League Group H opener at Stamford Bridge.

On the night of September 14, 2021 when I was playing for my club in a Champions League match, a group of cowardly robbers broke into my house. They managed to jointly lift the heavy safe containing some of my personal belongings into their car,” reads James’ latest post on Instagram.

“They managed to lift the safe containing some of my personal belongings into their car.”

“I never keep my jewelery at home, so all that’s in the safe is the Champions League winners medal and the Super Cup winners medal and medals. runner-up Euro 2020. This medal was won representing Chelsea and England

“Nevertheless, I appeal to all of my Chelsea and England fans to help identify and hand over these lowly people who will never be able to rest easy as more and more evidence is against them.”

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“Police, my advisors and Chelsea FC [dan banyak lainnya] it’s all behind me because we have a firm clue as to who did it. Fortunately, no one was around when the break-in took place, I want to let you all know that I am safe and well.”

“I really appreciate having a platform [Instagram] to tell you all about my misfortune and I hope that together we can catch these people and give justice where it belongs.”

The almost similar incident had happened to James last December. Yes, the 21-year-old player became a victim of theft when several people broke into his car to take gifts that he would give to starving children. savage!


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