Night of panic in Philadelphia: violence, looting and about twenty arrested

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Night of chaos and panic in the streets of Philadelphia. A group of More than 100 people came out to the Central City area to carry out looting in different businesses. A few hours of lack of control that ended with around 20 detainees, according to NBC Philadelphia.

The group of young people forced their way into several stores in the central area of ​​the city, such as Footlocker, Apple Store y Lululemon and destroyed everything in its path. The robbers filled plastic bags with merchandise from the shops and ran away.

In several videos published on social networks, numerous hooded people fleeing after the assaults. You can also see how the police try to stop them, according to the newspaper Philadelphia Inquirer.

The acting commissioner of police, John Stanfordhe assured NBC Philadelphia that the looting was not linked to the peaceful protest that occurred hours earlier in the city after the judge dismissed the charges against the police officer who shot and killed driver Eddie Irizarry through the window of his car.

Stanford also reported that made between 15 and 20 arrests and that two firearms had been recovered, but he was not sure if they were related to the looting.

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