Nightingale: Ex-BioWare boss’ survival game delayed further

The former head of BioWare has been working on his own survival game Nightingale for some time – but this is still a long time coming. Now the next shift has become public.

Nightingale is a fantasy survival game created by developer studio Inflexion Games. This in turn is led by former BioWare boss Aaryn Flynn, so that the expectations of the game are quite high – but for now the wait goes on.

Actually, Nightingale should have started last year, but the initially planned early access of the title was postponed to the first half of 2023 several months ago. Now it’s clear: Nothing will come of it either! In a new developer video, the makers have now confirmed that the survival game will not start Early Access until autumn 2023 – and thus in the second half of 2023.

A statement said the feedback received from players is invaluable and they are taking the time needed to continue making progress with the game without risking the health of the team to meet tight deadlines. There are a few specific things we plan to do with this extra development time, including quality-of-life improvements, crafting animations, progression system tweaks, and pacing tweaks. Ultimately, the worlds of the title should feel as mystical and breathtaking as humanly possible.

Although the game has been postponed again, Inflexion has at least updated the engine used in the meantime and is now using version 5.2 of the Unreal Engine. A next playtest is planned for next week.

Nightingale was presented at the Game Awards 2021 as a survival crafting game with shared game worlds and a rich, Victorian fantasy setting.

Nightingale – TGA 2022 Realmwalker’s Journey Gameplay Trailer

Nightingale, which is currently in Early Access, received a fresh gameplay trailer at the Game Awards.

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