Niki Lauda: It is so difficult the time after the lung OP –


His condition shocked the world of motor sports at the beginning of August. Only one operation saved Niki Lauda's lungs. Meanwhile, he is in rehab, but the way back is long.

For the legend of Formula 1 Niki Lauda (69) was the time of the hospital after the harder lung transplant that after his nasty accident at the Nürburgring in 1976. "At that time, I was only a month in the hospital – or a little longer.Yes, I had burns, but I immediately swept away, "said Lauda in an interview with" Gazzetta dello Sport ", adding:" This time it was really long, but I'm still here. "

"In such situations you can only do one thing"

The Austrians did not fear for his life. "I have to be honest: No, I've never been afraid because I was in the hands of professionals," said Lauda, ​​who for the first time since the operation of August 2 expressed herself for the first time in a & # 39 Interview: "I relied on them, I knew it would be tough, very difficult, in these situations you can only do one thing: fight, I've been doing it for a while and I still do it."

Lauda spends Christmas with his family in Ibiza. "Until two days ago I was still at the hospital, then I got permission to go home, I flew to Ibiza, where I will celebrate Christmas with my big and dear family," said Formula Team President One Mercedes.

On the island of the Mediterranean, Lauda continues to work to regain full health. "I have to undergo rehabilitation for six hours a day, and two rehabilitation experts will not leave me alone for a moment," he said, "but staying in my walls is something else, the air is clean and the weather is not as hostile as in Austria I was told that I will be completely fit in a month and I can start again, I want to go back to my daily routine, I will follow the races as before. "



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