Nikola Vlašić – on the Champions League and the match against Zenit


"If we beat" Real "once, we can and in the second"

– Is it difficult to sleep after games like Roma?
– Sure. I fell asleep only around four in the morning – there were a lot of emotions. Continuing to flow through the moments in my head, I thought, where I could have done otherwise. Many unpleasant things came together: a quick goal, Mario's injury in the first minutes, a red card, a second goal, scored by offside. But despite everything, we played better and we had a good game.

Promashka Akinfeev, Mario's injury, removal of Magnusson – all against CSKA!

Too many problems have fallen on the army at the same time. The result: another "defeat" of "Rome".

– What influenced the final score the most: a red card or a Mario injury?
– Red card. In the second half, we went up a level, we continued to attack, and after removing "Roma" we scored immediately – less than two minutes later. It was a crucial moment

– Goncharenko is very nervous after the game?
– No, he was calm. Especially much in the locker room did not say.

– After the match against Real Madrid, your coach said he was afraid of an emotional slowdown in a team game. He was right?
– We do not win in four games, respectively, do not achieve the results we want – this is true. But we play well, often even better than the opponent. Like, for example, in a match with Dynamo – we had moments, we could score and win. So I can not say that our game is in decline. Somewhere you do not have enough luck.

– What's next?
– As you know, we have several important for the injured team players. Bistrovich, Abel – is a great striker, and it's easier to play with him. And Bekao missed the game with "Krasnodar" because of the cards – he was very lacking. Every loss is felt. If everyone gets together, I'm sure our results will be better. But while we are where we are. Believe me, every day we talk to the coach, we analyze the mistakes, we look at where we went wrong and do everything to improve.

– In the Champions League two more games. Do you think there are still opportunities to leave the group?
– Sure, you can earn another six points. Mathematically everything is possible. Yes, it's a difficult game with "Real", but if we beat them once, we can do it in the second.

CSKA has had a good plan. That's why it did not work.

Because of what the "army team" has lost again for "Rome".

"Mario is a great loss"

– You have already played against Spartak, Lokomotiv and Krasnodar – so far only the Zenit has disappeared from this list. What do you think, which team is stronger?
– Krasnodar. One hundred percent

– Why?
– They play football well. Lokomotiv, for example, constantly defended himself, especially when he was ten. They are not at the same level as Spartak and Krasnodar.

– What do you expect from Zenit?
– I saw the cut of their games when I arrived. What can I say – they win every game. They do not play the best football, but they win. They have a very experienced team, there are players who can change the game, there are those who can score, the same Dziuba, an excellent striker. Behind them, there is Ivanovich, the most experienced player. And when you have experience, in some situations you behave a little differently than younger players. Conventionally: arrives 80 minutes, 0-0. He was already in a situation like that, so he knows how to behave. We, young players, do not always understand how to behave better. But then we can run a lot! For us, this is an incomparable advantage.

– Is Mario a big loss before such an important game?
– Sure. For me it is the best player. What it does for the team is irreplaceable. It is much easier to play with him, to understand the game. But in the match with "Roma" Zhora Schennikov played well on the left, Oblyakov – on the right. There is someone to put in his position, but it is very difficult to replace it with someone.

"Have you ever seen Mario make a mistake?"
– No! Never saw a better football player than him. In training we run, so Mario is always 10 meters farthest from everyone. Yakaya Biyol and I are discussing: "Look at this guy, he can play where he wants!"

Read the full interview with Nikola Vlašichem in the near future.

Interviewed: Mikhail Goncharov, Polina Kuimova, Andrei Pankov, Grigory Telingater.


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