Nils Politt: Driven by Gilbert (

Cyclist Nils Politt

Cyclist Nils Politt

Photo: dpa / Dirk Waem

Are you rather disappointed now, because you were so close to the big success, or are you more than happy and proud about what you've achieved?

Well, if someone had said to me before the start, “Hey Nils, you'll finish second at Paris – Roubaix,” then I would have said, “Yes, whoever believes it will be happy.” It's unbelievable what I'm up there for a race I'm driving. It's no shame to lose in the sprint against Philippe Gilbert. He could play a small card at the end, that Yves Lampaert came closer. I wanted to secure second place in this situation instead of playing poker and then finishing third. Actually, I did not want to do the sprint from the front, but he was smart enough and drove me all the time. And so I had to drive from the front. But I'm still superhappy.

In winter you were also on the track, did special track training. What do you expect when you drive to the Velodrome and have the chance to sprint for victory?

Of course this is something special, to drive a sprint after 280 kilometers. And Gilbert is fast too. So I could not do anything.

You put your stamp on the race right from the start, you were already in the first breakaway. A few Schlauberger will now say: Since he may have left the grains that were missing him in the end in the sprint. What do you reply to that?

No, that was not so. That way, I did not have to fight for my position. I was able to drive in peace over the sectors, I had my teammate Marco Haller ahead. It was without stress. That was an advantage that I had and used in any case.

Which races will you race in the near future?

First of all, I will spend a week vacationing with my wife. Then I will drive Liège-Bastogne-Liège and help the team, sacrifice something for me, give something back for today. And then I will be back in Frankfurt motivated at the start.

They come from the 1994 vintage. The same as Maximilian Schachmann, who has recently trumpeted so much at the Basque Country Tour. Or like Pascal Ackermann and a few others. What can German cycling expect from this “Golden Year”?

I think you can expect a lot. We all have potential, and we show it. Pascal Ackermann is super fast in the sprint, has already brought some success. You do not have to say anything about Max Schachmann anymore, it was super strong, which he showed in the Basque Country. Then we have Phil Bauhaus and Nico Denz. Yes, that's a really strong vintage, because you can be proud of it.

Do you now share the victories among each other?

We have to clarify that with each other again.

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