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Jordan Ferri will try to win a third consecutive victory (photo Anthony Maurin / Objectif Gard)

The Normans have not won since September 29 and the Nîmes are in full swing. Their trajectory is totally opposite.

This sparkles on the side of the Crocos, especially from the beginning of November, where they have reported three wins for a defeat (nine against eleven against Nice). Budget to which we must add a qualification for the 8is final of the League Cup. During this time, Anthony Briançon's teammates have climbed 16is at 10is instead. Furthermore, Nîmes even solved its defense problems. In this regard, Paul Bernardoni, goalkeeper of the Crocos has an explanation: " We are talking more. We are better actors and we are better »

Caen scored only 12 goals of which three onwards punishment

In the Normans, it is the opposite dynamic. Caen remains in eight games without wins. From the beginning of October, this team chained, in league 1, three draws and four losses, with a painful elimination in Dijon (3-1) in the Cup. And scoring only three goals. And this is the main problem of Calvados, which has rocked the opponent's networks only 12 times, including three times in a penalty. Shortcomings that Bernard Blaquart minimizes: " We had a bad time too, and that does not mean we were bad, but that success was running away.

Denis Bouanga is Crocos who is adapting right now (photo Anthony Maurin / Objectif Gard)

It must be said, that the SMC is very shy with only 137 shots, including 37 shots and no goal in the last quarter of an hour. Rampant figures in comparison with Nîmes who fired 193 times, scored 65 times and scored eight times in the last 15 minutes. In terms of firepower, there is no correspondence.

At the goalkeeper level, however, the Normans have a strong argument in the person of Brice Samba who performs miracles every week. It is also the goalkeeper L1 that accumulates the most captured and deflected ball, with a total of 114. In this area, Nimes does not blush with Bernardoni who foiled 29 balloons. Nobody does better.

This match arrives in the middle of a three-week match, Bernard Blaquart will make some changes. " We have to put a little cool because this week will give the orientation of a part of the season » he emphasizes.

So perhaps the time has come for the Olympic Nimes to win at Caen for the first time in its history.

For this match at the Michel d'Ornano stadium, the initial formation of the Crocos could be as follows: Bernardoni – Alakouch, Briançon (hat), Landre, Paquiez – Ferri, Savanier, Valls – Ripart, Guillaume, Bouanga. Substitutions: Valette, Thioub, Harek, Maouassa, Alioui, Bozok, Bobichon.

Norman garden


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