Nine deaths in forest fires in California


United States of America Nine deaths in forest fires in California

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About 2,000 firefighters in California fight against forest fires About 2,000 firefighters in California fight against forest fires

About 2,000 firefighters in California fight against forest fires


Several forest fires are raging in the state of California. At least nine people died.

  • Many celebrities have had to leave their homes near Malibu.
  • The fire has already reached some villas like that of TV star Kim Kardashian.

DThe severe forest fires in California have led to catastrophic destruction and at least nine people have lost their lives, according to the authorities. In the city of paradise, in the north of the state, people died in their burning cars. Even the celebrity Malibu in the south is in danger from another big fire. As the firefighters announced, fires spread very rapidly due to the cooling winds. Nearby, the fire ate the size of six soccer fields in just one minute.

In Paradise, north of Sacramento, all 27,000 residents have been invited to leave the city. The same was true of the well-known Pacific coastal city of Malibu in the south of the state, as reported by the regional KTVU broadcaster. In total, well over 150,000 people had to leave their homes. Closed schools, recreational activities and sporting events have been canceled. Thousands of firefighters from different states fought against the flames. At least 2000 buildings have already been destroyed. Many people have to stay in their cars.

In addition to the so-called Campfire, which covers more than 30,000 hectares in the Paradise area, more than seven hours drive south of the state, two other major fires have been raged, one of more than 14,000 hectares in Ventura County. Near the metropolis of Los Angeles.

Kim Karadashian was also evacuated

The fire in the north had erupted early Thursday morning and had spread rapidly. On Friday morning, firefighters were able to reduce it to 5%, as announced by the California government. "This is a very dangerous fire," wrote CalFire Firefighting Authority on Twitter.

Even people from other parts of the state have reported a desperate search for relatives, burnt houses and closed motorways. The Pacific Highway, one of the main arteries of California, has been closed, according to the authorities, between Topanga Canyon and Decker Canyon. With persistent summer temperatures and drought, the danger of fires on the west coast of the United States is high. The strong winds have made the situation difficult. The national meteorological service spoke of extreme conditions and warned against further fires.

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Also hit the area around Malibu, where many celebrities live. Kim Kardashian published on social media that the fire had reached her property in Hidden Hills, but it did not spread further. "It does not seem to be getting worse right now," he wrote on Twitter. On Instagram, Kardashian published a video of a burning area and wrote "Pray for Calabasas". He had packed his bags for an hour, after which his neighborhood had been evacuated.

Even the American actress Alyssa Milano had to leave her home. She escaped with children and dogs, she wrote on Twitter. The property of director Scott Derrickson ("Doctor Strange"), however, was destroyed by the flames. He was safe, he explained. The actress Alyssa Milano initially had trouble saving her five horses. Later he wrote: "My horses are finally safe, my children are safe, my house is in danger … but everything with a heartbeat is safe, thank you all for your concern."



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