Nintendo admits Switch Joy-Con controller drift problem: refuses to correct it | XFastest News

Last week, Nintendo released the Switch OLED, a Switch game console equipped with a 7-inch OLED display. Frankly speaking, the Switch OLED has not changed much, and the CPU and RAM, which can be shut down, have not been upgraded.

When communicating with the media, the outside world is also eager to know whether the Switch OLED solves some of the remaining problems of the current Switch, such as the Joy-Con handle that is prone to hang up due to the “drift” problem.

In response, Nintendo responded that the new controller has no functional or configuration changes, and we are very proud to create such a high-quality product. Regarding “drift”, Nintendo has downplayed it. Indeed, some players have responded to the problem that the controller cannot respond correctly, so please contact the official support staff.

Nintendo’s refusal to improve is a bit disappointing, but it’s said that Sony PS5 also has some feedback grip drifting sounds. Have you noticed it?

Fortunately, the handles and bases of the new and old Switches can be used with each other, which saves users money to a certain extent.


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