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“PUBG”, “Fortnite”, “Apex Legends”, “VALORANT”, etc. continue to fight until the last person (or a team) “Battle royale gamealso known asbattle royale game
Most types of battle royale games are TPS or FPS, but “TETRIS 99”, “PAC-MAN 99” and “Super Bomberman R Online” all contain battle royale elements. Many different kinds.
In August 2020, it can be said that the “Battle Royale game world” has started a revolution.Jelly Bean: Ultimate Knockout(Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout)」了。
The game itself looks like a bunch of cute-looking characters challenging to be number one in different mini-games, but behind the cute looksIt’s actually a murderous game; roles are sometimesHeight about 180cmheight, sometimes withnasty bones; Unique character settings make players continue to grow.
previous work with different works and rolesUnited clothingIt also raised a lot of topics.
Although the popular “Jelly Bean: The Ultimate Knockout” has decided to launch the Nintendo Switch version and the Xbox version in the summer of 2021, it has previously announced that it has been postponed.
The recent “Jelly Bean: The Ultimate Knockout”The latest information has finally been released!

Slapstick trois “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” will be released on Nintendo Switch!

Support cross-platform progress link, new debut on multiple platforms!

“Jelly Bean: The Ultimate Knockout” is currently only available on PS4 and Steam, but it was recently announced thatNintendo Switch、Xbox和Epic Games StoreThe news of the platform’s expansion!
Good news for PS5 owners too!PS5 version is also decided to release!
The high performance of the PS5 console is believed to make the game more fun, which is really exciting.
correspondCross-platformfunction, you can play with opponents on different platforms.Also supportsCross-Platform Progress LinksFriends who have played on PS4 so far can bring data such as records and clothing to the Nintendo Switch platform for use.
As for the interesting release date, it is also decided toJune 21, 2022 (Tuesday)!The price isThe basic version is free!
Compared with the current PS4 version and Steam version that cost 2,090 yen (tax included), it is really appreciated that it is free.
Plus, pre-download before launch to get more“Legacy Pack” as a reward!

Legacy Pack
Fall Guys official website

This game is free, and the “Legacy Pack” contains nicknames, brand names, different costumes, and the Premium Pass for Season 1. This “Legacy Pack” is too rich in content, right?
With Season Pass you canGet new costumes and unlock new props, and unlock nearly 100 scenesif the upper limit is reached, moreUnlock the next Season passis definitely a Pass worth starting!

Season Pass
Season Pass
Fall Guys official website

in additionEpic Games Storealso startedpre-registeraccording to the total number of registrants, brand names, game currency “Kudos”, clothing and emoticons will be given away. New users can consider registering through the Epic Games Store to receive rewards.

Pre-registration bonus
Pre-registration bonus
Fall Guys official website

As the release date gets closer,More information will be released in the futureeveryone remember to follow Japan’s Fall Guys official Twitter (@FallGuysJP) for first-hand information!
Details are available atFall Guys Official SiteFind it in “Fall Guys Free for All Announcement Stream” here!

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