Nintendo Switch Sport Adds Golf for Free Starting Nov. 28

Nintendo Switch Sports

As the successor to “Wii Sports”,Nintendo Switch SportsAt the beginning of the release, not all classic game items were fully inherited. But for players who like golf, they will soon be able to find new fun in the game.Official days agoAnnounceGolf is coming to Nintendo Switch Sports for free starting November 28, and players will be able to choose from 21 courses in Wii Sports. In addition to the casual mode where you can have fun with others, you can also connect with other players to participate in the “Golf Survival Battle”. It can allow up to 8 people to play around the hole, allowing you to “enjoy the elimination from the player with the most scores”.

In addition to golf, there are also many voices who hope that Lao Ren will add boxing, baseball and other items to “Nintendo Switch Sports”. The official has not made any statement on this, and I hope there will be surprises in the future.

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