Nintendo: the funny reaction of fans to the revelation of Chris Pratt as Mario Bros. | Movie 2022 | Premiere | Memes SPORTS-PLAY

Many were surprised by Shigeru Miyamoto’s statements in the past . Normally, the Japanese company presents previews of its video games and downloadable games, but this time it opted to advance details of its film projects.

This time, Nintendo saved two surprises for the conference. The first was a preview of the gameplay of Bayonet 3, one of the most anticipated titles of the Nintendo Switch console that will be released in 2022.

On the other hand, Miyamoto took the opportunity to comment that they are working on an animated series of Mario bros. and company. Unfortunately, they still do not have an official trailer but they did advance the cast.

The big surprise was that Chris Pratt was announced as Mario. Of course, it is not a live-action film, but only animated; we will not see the actor with the plumber’s suit and a fake mustache.

Despite this, the community did not take long to leave us some memes and funny reactions on social networks. The user Twitter shared a funny photo in which the actor is seen in the film Jurassic World with the description of β€œfirst look at Mario and Yoshi in Super Maros Bros.”.

This funny message came along with a montage of three Yoshis being trained by Chris Pratt.

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