Nintendo would be implementing a practical solution to fix the Joy-Con drift

A few weeks ago, a youtuber revealed a trick to put an end to the annoying Joy-con drift from Nintendo Switch, a curious solution that became trend in the social media, since thousands of gamers tried it and it worked.

You may not know it, but this problem causes the console to detects a movement of the lever, even if we are not touching it. That is, our character will move in one direction, even though we are not doing anything.

In its video, VK’s Channel showed how a 1-millimeter piece of cardboard ends this problem that occurs, due to the fact that the metal protector of the lever begins to separate, which prevents that connection from being lost and the drift from disappearing from the controls of the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo would be improving its Joy-Con

As detailed by Alfabetajuega, a portal specialized in video games, the new Joy-Con from The Legend of Zelda (which were released recently) have a very practical solution to stop annoying drift.

As can be seen in the image, Nintendo He placed two strips of foam on the lower and upper part of the lever. In this way, they will exert extra pressure so that constant use does not end up ruining the connection.

Most likely Joy-con that will come with the new Nintendo Switch (which will have an OLED screen) have this practical solution that could slow down drift reports a bit among users.

The new Joy-Con would have these bands to exert more pressure. Photo: Alfabetajuega


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